zkSync Era Block Explorer Shows Technical Issues: No Blocks Generated for Three Hours

In recent news, zkSync Era Block Explorer has shown that the zkSync Era may be experiencing some technical issues. It has been reported that no block has been generated for the past three hours, and as of yet, there has been no official response from the company.

This comes as Avalanche has also been experiencing difficulties producing blocks on several occasions. On March 24, zkSync Era announced the launch of its mainnet, which is one of the major Ethereum Layer 2 solutions.

Source: explorer.zksync.io

The zkSync Era is a scaling solution that allows for faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum network. With the recent launch of its mainnet, users were expecting a reliable and efficient platform to conduct their transactions.

However, the recent technical difficulties have left many users frustrated and concerned about the safety of their funds. The lack of an official response from the company has only added to the uncertainty and speculation.

Fortunately, an official response has been issued, indicating that the team is aware of the problems with the zkSync Era mainnet and is working to resolve them. In the meantime, users have been advised not to initiate transactions and to wait for the mainnet to recover.

The response also reassured users that their funds are safe and that the team is doing everything possible to fix the issues as quickly as possible.

Overall, the technical issues with the zkSync Era mainnet have caused concern among users and raised questions about the reliability of Layer 2 solutions on the Ethereum network. However, the prompt response from the team and their reassurance about the safety of users’ funds should help alleviate some of these concerns.

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