Zilliqa Network Boosted by Ethereum Virtual Machine Compatibility

In a move that promises to increase accessibility and functionality to the Zilliqa ecosystem, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility is now live on the Zilliqa mainnet. This development now opens up the Zilliqa network to EVM dApps.

Zilliqa is a blockchain platform designed to be scalable, secure, and high-performance. It employs a unique consensus algorithm that uses sharding technology to increase network throughput, enabling the processing of thousands of transactions per second.

With EVM compatibility, users can now store, send, and receive ZIL using popular EVM wallets like MetaMask. This is particularly significant because MetaMask is a widely used browser-based wallet for Ethereum and EVM-compatible blockchains, making it easy for users to store and use tokens across multiple networks.

Now that the Zilliqa network is EVM-compatible, users can send and receive ZIL directly from MetaMask and use the wallet to interact with the Zilliqa network and compatible dApps.

To set up and configure MetaMask to support the Zilliqa EVM network, users will need to download and set up the MetaMask browser extension if they do not already have it. After installation, they will need to create a new account or import an existing one into MetaMask.

Once logged in, users can configure MetaMask to connect to the Zilliqa EVM network by opening the MetaMask extension, navigating to the Settings menu, selecting “Add Network,” and filling out several fields with the required information.

Alternatively, users can navigate to the Zilliqa EVM page on ChainList and click “Connect Wallet” under the Zilliqa EVM blockchain information to automatically connect their MetaMask wallet to the Zilliqa EVM network.

Overall, this development is a significant step forward for the Zilliqa ecosystem, enabling it to access a wider range of dApps and users. With the addition of EVM compatibility, Zilliqa is poised to become an even more attractive platform for developers and users seeking scalability and security.

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