ZIL, UTK, and 2 other altcoins are predicted to be the next 10x coins, says Tom Busby

High-profile trader Tom Busby from CryptoBusy shares with their subscribers 4 altcoins with huge potential to rise 10x in Q4/2021.

Ziliqa (ZIL)

First on the trader’s list is Zilliqa, a cryptocurrency project that aims to make blockchains faster and more scalable.

“It uses sharding technology to streamline the consensus process so that Ethereum and other blockchains can host distributed applications or provide rapid transaction processing successfully.”

At the time of the video, ZIL was trading at $0.09 with a market cap of $1 billion. As the trader says, with the further developments and upgrades that are happening within the ZIL platform, ZIL has a great future in upcoming days. Busby expects to see ZIL pass the resistance of $0.155 soon and reach even high heights to $1.

Utrust (UTK)

Next up is Utrust (UTK). Utrust was designed to provide a solution to the problems resulting in low usability of cryptocurrency as means of payment, particularly the underdeveloped transactional security of payment platforms and relatively high fees.

According to the trader, FinXP and Utrust have recently announced their new partnership to enable instant crypto-to-fiat settlements for merchants.

“The collaboration between both companies will result in unique, new benefits for Utrust customers and in the process will continue to revolutionize the crypto ecommerce industry.”

At the time of the video, ZIL was trading at $0.3 with a market cap of $161 million.


As the analyst says, XRP has a good chance of hitting $1.50 in the fourth quarter of 2021 after painting a bullish crossover between its 20-day and 50-day exponential moving averages.

“The so-called golden cross has appeared multiple times on XRP charts in history. Its last occurrence was on 10 August, which followed up with an 80% price rally later, with XRP topping out seasonally at $1.43 before pulling back to the downside.”

As of the lawsuit with SEC, the analyst says that XRP seems to be heading strongly towards the top to regain its position. If Ripple wins the court case, it is going to be a massive blow-off for government agencies that plan to regulate cryptocurrency transactions.

Swissborg (CHSB)

SwissBorg is democratizing wealth management by making it fun, fair, and community-centric.

The company’s showcase product, the SwissBorg app, is empowering over 450,000 users to buy, sell and exchange digital assets, with features like AI-powered asset analysis and Portfolio Analytics to help them make smart investment decisions.

“Their best-in-class Smart Yield wallet gives users the opportunity to earn yields of up to 20% of USDC, along with increasing the benefits of their own token’s staking utility by offering Premium account holders up to 2X yield.”

At the time of the video, CHSB was trading at $0.65 with a market cap of $654 million.

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