Zhejiang, China detected 184 government personnel using public facilities for crypto mining illegally

To carry out Party General Secretary Jin Ping’s important instructions on the issues of crypto mining and hype, Zhejiang, China, is inspecting government personnel using public facilities for the activities.

Zhejiang Province comprehensively rectifies the use of public resources to participate in crypto mining

To promote carbon peaking and carbon neutrality and prevent and address risks in key areas, our province recently launched a special joint action to improve the fight against the use of fossil fuels comprehensively public resources to engage in crypto mining and trading activities.

As a major energy input province in Zhejiang, crypto mining consumes enormous amounts of electricity. The rapid upgrade of mining hardware and fierce competition for computing power has resulted in significant energy consumption, in contrast to the carbon and carbon peaks of the neutral target province.

The Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to crypto regulation, so it needs to be rectified. At the beginning of September this year, they had special agreements to regulate the use of public resources to engage in crypto mining and trading.


Mining machines were investigated and dealt with on-site.

After screening 4,699 IP addresses suspected of participating in illegal crypto mining in the province, they excluded 184 IP addresses of 77 units suspected of using public resources to participate in mining activities. IP addresses associated with more than ten cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tuya Coin, and Ergo Coin. A group of disciplinary violators was investigated, and the illegal proceeds were recovered.


Mining machine investigated and dealt with on-site

Measures have been taken against illegal cross-border transactions and the elimination of waste of public social resources to promote the formation of a long-term mechanism for crypto-monitoring, creating a good atmosphere for green, low-carbon, and high-quality development, and ensuring that the reclamation work is practical.

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