ZetaChain announces airdrop token details and prepares for mainnet launch

ZetaChain, a blockchain platform that enables interoperability and omnichain smart contracts, has announced that users can now check their airdrop token balance on its website. The tokens will be claimable when ZetaChain launches its mainnet, which is expected to happen soon.

The project took a snapshot of the eligible airdrop recipients on August 20, 2023. A total of 31.5 million ZETA tokens were distributed to over 800,000 wallet addresses. According to a blog post by ZetaChain, the airdrop recipients need to meet some criteria to claim their tokens:

  • Users must accumulate at least 50,000 ZetaPoints (Transactor and Inviter tier).
  • Users must invite friends to join the network and have them make high-value transactions (Inviter tier).
  • Users who contributed to ZetaLabs in the early stage will receive extra bonus points based on their join date.
  • The rewards range from 50 to 20,000 ZETA for both Inviter and Transactor tier.
  • Some other ZetaLabs users received Access Pack to access ZetaChain 1.0 Mainnet along with some ZETA tokens.

When users connect their wallets on the ZetaChain website, they will see the amount of ZETA allocated to their wallets, but they will not be able to claim them until the mainnet goes live. The project also warned the community to be careful of scam posts related to the airdrop event.

ZetaChain introduced the ZetaPoint program when it launched its testnet. ZetaPoint is a way for the project to recognize the contribution of users on the ZetaChain testnet and airdrop tokens to them when the network releases its mainnet.

For example, each transaction made by a user’s friend will earn 250 Points. Each transaction made by a user daily will earn 1,000 Points. Additionally, users will receive 5,000 Points when they refer new users through their invite link. If users discover a bug on the testnet, they can receive at least 10,000 Points depending on the severity of the bug.

ZetaChain is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain, built on Cosmos SDK and connected to other blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and more. Through its Omnichain mechanism, developers can create DApps similar to those on Ethereum or Polygon.

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