ZeroLend Launches Zero Gravity Airdrop Points Program

ZeroLend, a decentralized lending protocol built on zkSync, has announced the launch of Zero Gravity, an airdrop points platform that rewards its community with $ZERO tokens. The program aims to distribute around 10% of the circulating $ZERO supply on launch to the Zero Gravity Cosmonauts, who are the early adopters and supporters of the protocol.

How to participate in Zero Gravity

To participate in Zero Gravity, users need to deposit supported tokens into the ZeroLend protocol and earn yield on them. The more tokens and time they deposit, the more points they accumulate. The points will determine the amount of $ZERO tokens they will receive in the airdrop. Users can also earn extra points by referring others to join the program.

Additionally, by participating in Zero Gravity, users will be eligible for potential future drops of other tokens that are integrated with ZeroLend, such as $PYTH, $MANTA, and $ZKS. These tokens represent some of the leading projects in the zkSync ecosystem, such as Pyth Network, Manta Network, and ZKSwap.

What is ZeroLend?

ZeroLend is a lending protocol with native stablecoin built on zkSync, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that leverages zero-knowledge proofs for security and efficiency. ZeroLend’s core product is its decentralized non-custodial liquidity market, where users can borrow and lend various assets across multiple blockchain networks. ZeroLend is also compatible with Manta Network, a privacy-preserving Layer 2 for DeFi.

ZeroLend’s native token, $ZERO, serves as both a utility and governance token within the protocol. $ZERO holders can use the token to pay fees, access premium features, and vote on protocol parameters and upgrades. $ZERO also has a deflationary mechanism, as a portion of the fees collected by the protocol are used to buy back and burn $ZERO tokens.

Why Zero Gravity matters

Zero Gravity is a strategic move by ZeroLend to grow its community and user base, as well as to reward its loyal supporters. The program also showcases the potential of zkSync as a platform for building scalable and interoperable DeFi applications. By launching Zero Gravity, ZeroLend hopes to attract more users and liquidity to its protocol, as well as to foster collaboration and synergy with other projects in the zkSync ecosystem.

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