Zap Wins Blast Big Bang Competition and Launches on Blast L2

Zap, a decentralized launchpad that enables flexible and community-driven token launches, has announced that it has become one of the winners in the Blast Big Bang Competition, a contest that aims to attract innovative and scalable dApps into the Blast ecosystem. Zap will receive a portion of the future $BLAST airdrop, along with other 45 projects that were selected for the developer airdrop.

Blast is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution that leverages optimistic rollups and native yield to provide fast, cheap, and secure transactions for dApps and users. Blast has attracted almost $2 billion in total value locked (TVL) since its launch in December 2023, and has partnered with several leading protocols and platforms, such as Uniswap, Aave, Compound, and Chainlink.

The Blast Big Bang Competition was launched in January 2024, with the goal of fostering the development and adoption of dApps on Blast. The competition offered 50% of the future $BLAST airdrop, which is expected to happen in Q2 2024, to protocols that integrate with Blast and meet certain criteria, such as user growth, transaction volume, and innovation. More than 3,000 teams participated in the event, and over 45 projects were selected for the developer airdrop, including Zap, SynFutures, Ambient Finance, Particle, Curvance, and others.

Zap is one of the most promising projects that have integrated with Blast, as it offers a unique and novel approach to token launches. Zap allows users to invest in new projects flexibly, by choosing to pay later using Blast’s native yield for charges, stake a range of tokens to earn additional rewards, and automatically invest in token launches using their future vested rewards. Zap also empowers the community to decide which projects deserve to be launched, by using a governance mechanism that requires a minimum number of votes and staked tokens for each launch.

Zap’s launchpad is designed to benefit both investors and project owners, as it reduces the barriers to entry, increases the liquidity and exposure, and aligns the incentives for long-term success. Zap has already hosted several successful token launches, such as Parcl, Curvance, and Particle, and has plans to launch more projects in the near future.

You can join Blast airdrop here.

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