Zap Launches ZAP Drops, an Airdrop as a Service Product on Blast Layer 2

Zap, a community-first launchpad platform, has announced the launch of ZAP Drops, an innovative Airdrop as a Service product for projects on Blast L2, a scalable and secure layer 2 solution for Ethereum.

ZAP Drops aims to provide a fair and efficient way for projects to distribute their tokens to the community, while also engaging them in various on-chain and social missions. ZAP Drops uses a Linear Logic Model (LLM) to allocate tokens based on the user’s participation and contribution, rather than a first-come, first-serve basis. This ensures that the most deserving and loyal community members get rewarded, while also preventing bots and malicious actors from exploiting the system.

ZAP Drops also gives founders the option to toggle a public leaderboard, which displays the ranking and progress of each user in the airdrop campaign. This creates a gamified and competitive experience for the users, while also increasing the transparency and accountability of the process.

ZAP Drops is powered by Blast L2, an Ethereum layer 2 solution that offers native yield and over $1.9B in total value locked (TVL). Blast L2 enables fast and cheap transactions, while also allowing users to earn interest on their assets. Zap leverages Blast L2’s features to offer users more flexibility and convenience in investing in token launches. Users can choose to pay later using Blast’s native yield for charges, stake a range of tokens to earn additional rewards, and automatically invest in token launches using their future vested rewards.

You can join Blast airdrop here.

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