Yuga Labs Unveils 13-Week Bitcoin Puzzle Challenge Around TwelveFold Art

Yuga Labs, the creative force behind the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club, has just launched an enticing 13-week puzzle-solving competition centered around its TwelveFold Ordinals. This competition promises not only challenging puzzles but also exciting Bitcoin prizes for participants, making it an event that’s capturing the attention of crypto and art enthusiasts worldwide.

The TwelveFold Ordinals is a generative art collection created by Yuga Labs, featuring 300 unique pieces intricately designed and inscribed onto satoshis, the smallest individually identifiable units of Bitcoin. The collection is based on a base-12 art system localized around a 12×12 grid, symbolizing the cartography of data on the Bitcoin blockchain.

“The TwelveFold puzzles stay true to the inspiration behind the collection—the relationship between time, mathematics, and variability,” Yuga Labs stated in their announcement.

Yuga Labs has set the stage for an engaging cipher puzzle series inspired by this unique Bitcoin-based artwork. Starting immediately, the company will release one Moon Puzzle every week for the next twelve weeks. What’s more, each of these puzzles offers an enticing prize of 0.12 BTC for the first individual to successfully solve it. The climax of this exciting puzzle series will come in the form of the Sun Puzzle, set to be released on the thirteenth week. The grand prize for the Sun Puzzle is one of the coveted Yuga Twelvefold Ordinals, making it an incredibly sought-after reward.

To participate in this captivating competition, puzzle enthusiasts will need an Ordinals Bitcoin wallet, such as Xverse or Unisat. Once equipped with the appropriate wallet, players can head to the TwelveFold website at twelvefold.io/puzzle, where they can download the weekly puzzles and immerse themselves in the intricate world of TwelveFold art.

What sets this competition apart is the unique submission process. Participants will submit their puzzle solutions by inscribing them on-chain via satoshis. This means that each submission will be permanently recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain, adding a layer of permanence and transparency to the competition.

The submission process involves sending a Bitcoin fee, which is estimated to be around $4 to $8, depending on network traffic, to the provided address in order to inscribe the answer onto a satoshi. Various Bitcoin wallets, including Leather, Unisat, and Xverse, can be used for this purpose. Yuga Labs ensures that the first correct answer to be inscribed on a satoshi will be declared the puzzle winner. In cases where multiple correct answers are submitted in the same Bitcoin block, the answer with the lower inscription number will be accepted as the winner. Winners will be notified via email.

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