Yuga Labs NFT game Dookey Dash ends with $73 million volume

Yuga Labs recently launched their new Game NFT Dookey Dash, which ended with a trading volume of nearly 73 million USD. Dookey Dash is part of Yuga Labs’ plan to expand their Metaverse ecosystem, a game genre inspired by popular traditional games such as Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

Players simply try to get as many points as possible, with rewards having equivalent value. Owners of BAYC and MAYC NFTs will be able to claim Sewer Pass (an NFT used as a ticket to the game’s gateway) from January 17th. The game closed yesterday (02/08), however, players can still trade SP until 02/15, after which Yuga Labs will enter the prize-giving phase for those with the highest scores.

Since Sewer Pass was brought to OpenSea to be resold to other players, the NFT has recorded an impressive volume of 6 million USD just a few hours after its launch. However, by yesterday (02/08) after 3 weeks, this figure had risen to 73 million USD, according to data from CryptoSlam.

Source: OpenSea

Notably, in the buyers’ column, this figure was 7,126 people while the number of owners reached 12,308. It is likely that many have chosen the “NFT delegation” of Delegate Cash to distribute Sewer Pass to many others.

On the eve of the announcement of the closure of the leaderboard, Yuga Labs reported that they had removed some players from the ranking due to fraud detection such as using an automated bot, along with a call to the NFT delegates to ensure that the Sewer Pass transfers they make are fair.

Given that the rewards promised by Yuga Labs are of value, as an expensive NFT when it hits the market, many have even hired “players” to help them get high scores on the leaderboard. Currently, the player named Mongraal is at the top of the leaderboard with a score of 928,522.

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