Youtube has suddenly banned Cryptocurrency-related videos without reason

At least 6 Cryptocurrency channels have confirmed their videos were banned by Youtube until now. One common feature is those videos were banned due to “harmful or dangerous content”. The more important is Youtube neither warned content creators nor released any official announcement explaining their sudden action.

Other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter also does not allow crypto advertising on their platform. And Google, who acquired Youtube, has similar regulations to Cryptocurrencies.

Many Cryptocurrency videos disappeared in one night

Youtube has been considered one of the most used social media hosting cryptocurrency content. Over the last several years, many crypto channels had been developed, some of them gained an enormous amount of eager subscribers.

Some prominent Crypto channels have confirmed this incident, including Chris DunnChico CryptoThe CryptoverseCrypto Tips, and BTC Sessions. This could be a signal of a wider purge that may soon come to smaller Crypto channels.

Chris Dunn tweeted that most of his crypto videos have been removed entirely from the channel, leaving a large gap in the uploads to his channel which sets him back almost two years of production. The reason was “harmful or dangerous content” and the “sale of regulated goods.” His channel has activated for 10 years, had 200,000+ subscribers, and over 7M views.

Another cryptocurrency Youtuber also reported a similar situation. YouTube flagged a BTC Sessions video from three years ago, while the topic of the video was just wallets and places to invest Bitcoin.

Chico Crypto has even been banned from YouTube for an entire week. The channel was recently in the news after calling Bakkt Wall Street’s “Attack on Bitcoins.”

Some other channel has confirmed this incident are Chris Coney, Heidi, etc. Other Crypto influencers are preparing a backup plan before the purge comes to them. Other alternatives being pointed to include Dtube, Steemit, Bitchute, Bittube, Dlive, and Flote.

Who is the culprit of this attack?

Omar Bham, a Crypto influencer, believes that Youtube is having serious actions against the Crypto industry. He mentioned the power of giant social media platforms such as Google and Facebook by providing an example of how his crypto group on Facebook was deleted a while ago. Moreover, all accounts associated with moderating the group were also deleted. Bham suggests that Youtube may be doing the same thing now.

On the other hand, Chico Crypto have possibly uncovered info about a mass-flagging video group on Telegram that apparently has organized the attack.

There is one identified Telegram account from Chico’s screenshot is @IamSamSmith, this user stated “This is the beginning of Chico’s demise. You started a war that you will not win. I Sam Smith vow to bring upon you the same pain which you did to me. We will keep flagging.”

This user’s bio writes “Fighting back against racist scammers in crypto.” When being asked via Telegram, this user claimed he got banned from Chico Crypto. When asked about the other channels, he admitted he also involved in the removal of their content as well, the reason is many of them (Crypto influencers) are anti-Indians and they spew hate speech.”

There are many theories are being discussed until reaching an acceptable answer. Who is responsible for this attack? YouTube or the Telegram’s group?

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