Youtube has removed 30 videos related to cryptocurrency of ThuanCapital, the famous influencer in Vietnam, Why?

ThuanCapital, one of Vietnam’s most famous influencer YouTuber in the field of cryptocurrency news, announced on his twitter that channel has been removed about 30 videos. Thuan Capital has more than 30,000 subscribes.

Youtube has strike / warned and removed many videos of Crypto Youtuber, including ThuanCapital and many other channels like Ivan On Tech, Boxmining, Crypt0, Modern Investors …

According to Tạp Chí Bitcoin, the largest Bitcoin Magazine in Vietnam, Mr. Thuan Lam, owner of ThuanCapital channel, said: “The removed videos are old videos, many of the videos produced from 2 years ago are crypto news, below videos have referral links from platforms like Binance, but there is no prohibition in the introduction of Youtube, for forex or traditional financial introductory videos it is still active, only the introduction to crypto was deleted.”

YouTube’s warning | Photo: Thuan Lam

Currently, ThuanCapital continues to be removed by Youtube from adding new videos and the channel is strike, can not currently do things like upload, post or live stream for 1 week.

Why did YouTube delete videos about crypto

According to Thuan Lam, there are three reasons for the removal of YouTube videos: First, Google continues to crack down on cryptocurrency, second is other organizations to appeal about these videos, and finally, it may be coding of Youtube mistake.

ThuanCapital appealed against the removal of YouTube video | Photo: Thuan Lam

As AZCoin News reported yesterday, YouTube appears to be suppressing large crypto-related channels and videos. Especially the channel of Chris Dunn, who has 200,000 subscribes and 7 million views.

In early 2018, a policy banning ads related to Bitcoin and ICOs was launched by Google to prevent scams and frauds. The crypto market then reacted negatively to the news, so far ICO projects are also dead.

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