YouTube deals a massive blow to the cryptocurrency influencers

The community of other YouTube creators is beginning to feel the intense censorship of the vast video platform YouTube. According to discussions on Bitcointalk, YouTube suddenly started deleting some videos about the cryptocurrency of many cryptocurrency influencers on December 23, 2019.

Numerous famous cryptocurrency influencers have been deleted videos for no reason

On December 23, YouTuber Chris Dunn, a channel with more than 210,000 subscribers, was removed from all crypto-related videos. Then Dunn tweeted the following:

Dunn is not the only cryptocurrency influencers affected by YouTube’s sudden crackdown. On December 24, Robert Beadles, owner of YouTube channel Crypto Beadles with more than 89.3 thousand subscribers, announced that YouTube has temporarily closed his YouTube channel.

So far, the Crypto Beadles YouTube page is back to work. However, some affected people are not so lucky.

YouTuber Ivan on Tech, a YouTube channel with more than 210,000 subscribers, has also been affected by the ban. Ivan’s Youtube channel mainly deals with Blockchain and crypto, as well as the financial and investment aspects of the decentralized monetary context. His account has received a strike, and he has made all his videos private just in case.


Source: YouTuber Ivan on Tech

The YouTuber says that at least nine of the top cryptocurrency influencers channels received decommissioning notices on December 23. It seems that they need to be prepared to switch to alternatives that can provide content along with decentralized storage.

He said:

“This is an attack not only on cryptocurrencies but on the whole concept of free speech. Centralized platforms have become too large and powerful for their benefit, and the removal is why decentralized platforms will conquer.”

Google wants to compete with Blockchain and cryptocurrency?

As the annual worth of videos began to disappear from some of the cryptocurrency’s YouTubers channels, many began to speculate on the momentum of the giant. It seems that YouTube is feeling the proliferation of new Blockchain platforms, which can compete for both creators by providing them with better job security and a higher level of income.

Cryptocurrencies may be still in its infancy. But its presence on the world stage must be a thorn in the side of big corporations in Silicon Valley. Not only do corporations lose cryptocurrency users’ preferences, they lose something more valuable – their data. There is an opinion that Google is trying to crack the online banking data industry, instead of the banking industry.

If that is indeed the case, then it’s easy to know why Google will launch this proxy attack through YouTube. Personal data is something that Blockchain does not require; Cryptocurrencies for some time collected massive data, becoming a threat to corporations.

However, it is this move by YouTube that brings the cryptocurrency community closer. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), suggested that the Blockchain community should try to build their own anti-censorship social media platform.

Despite past grievances, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has endorsed CZ’s proposal. While Bitcoin.com’s Executive Chairman, Roger Ver, also appeared to mark his approval with a ‘like.’

Below is an updated list of all YouTubers who have recently banned their crypto-related content on the platform.


Source: Omar Bham (Crypt0)

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