XRP’s security status may determine fate of top 300 cryptocurrencies, here’s why?

A renowned news trader known as “Tree of Alpha” recently tweeted that the best news for crypto traders now would be a favorable verdict on the status of XRP in the SEC case against Ripple.

If XRP is proven to be a security, the trader believes it will send it and the other top 300 cryptocurrencies to “Valhalla,” implying a large increase in their prices.

Source: Tree of Alpha/ Twitter

According to the trader, the SEC is aggressively attempting to label everything in the Bitcoin market as securities that require regulation. As a result, an apparent victory over the regulator would be a severe blow for them and impede any future cases they might bring against other cryptocurrencies and crypto firms.

When a follower inquired about employing bots to profit from a potential judgment on XRP’s status, Tree of Alpha emphasized the unpredictability of both the news source and the form of the ruling. He stated that the ruling might be reported from various sources, including case files, Bloomberg, or a random Twitter account, and that traders are unlikely to understand the decision the first time they hear it. That is why it is critical to remain informed to make sound trading judgments.

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