XRP’s liquidity index in Philippines attaining another new all-time high

For some reason, XRP’s liquidity index in the Philippines has been growing very recently. Even this number has reached the latest high of all time.

XRP’s liquidity index soared in the Philippines

According to a report from Coins.Ph, Ripple’s partner in the Philippines, the liquidity index of XRP has overgrown, reaching more than 1.2 million on December 15, 2019. This growth began on December 1, 2019, rising from under 100,000 to over 400,000 in just one day.

Over the past 14 hours, up to now, the XRP / PHP liquidity index has increased continuously from 1.1 million to 1.2 million, recording an increase of 79%.

The XRP liquidity index on Bitso increased by 9.7 million

Besides, on the Bitso exchange of Mexico, the liquidity index of XRP also reached a new level, more than 9.7 million at press time. This is the latest high since its inception in 2018. Bitso is also known as Ripple and MoneyGram’s partner in the Mexican On-Demand Liquidity corridor.

Ripple and its original token, XRP, have introduced new developments in the remittance industry with continued growth, and a US government agency has also testified to this.


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