XRP’s Google search interest is back to early December 2017 levels, there are three main reasons

As the price of XRP hit $0.78, the popularity of the keyword on Google Trends exploded to levels unseen since 2017. The chart below further demonstrates this fact.

The popularity of XRP on Google Trends. Source: Google Trends

There are three reasons for searching XRP on Google

Flare Networks Snapshot

The Flare Networks snapshot scheduled for the 12th of December has reignited interest in remittance coin as investors rush to own XRP to capitalize on the eventual airdrop of Spark Tokens. Airdropped tokens are usually viewed as free assets thus providing an incentive for investors to own XRP.

Updated List Of Exchanges Participating In Spark Airdrop From Flare Networks

 Popular keywords like Black Friday

Santiment, an on-chain analysis firm reported that XRP remained a polarizing keyword even with popular keywords like Black Friday.

Altcoins, like XRP, saw a more intense price movement generally due to lower liquidity. The trend of altcoins surging rapidly following a Bitcoin uptrend is also reminiscent of previous cycles.

XRP Retest $0.78

This fact coupled with an increase in Google search interest in XRP could result in a FOMO scenario that could propel the remittance coin to heights last seen in December 2017 and January 2018.

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