XRP was listed on Swiss-based Smart Valor while SBI pays its shareholders dividends with XRP

Smart Valor, the Swiss-based digital asset exchange added support for XRP, allows users of the exchange to trade XRP with Euros, Swiss francs, US dollars, and pounds.

Smart Valor is one of the very few blockchain-driven companies that has obtained the necessary approval to operate legally in the Swiss market.

Startup CEO Olga Feldmeier emphasized the importance of regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency industry in an August interview with Bloomberg.

After raising an additional $ 3.25 million, Smart Valor has launched the first exchange to offer both exchange and exchange services in July 2019 for customers in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

At first, Smart Valor only allowed customers to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum.
However, it has recently expanded the list and has added support for XRP, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, and some other digital assets.

SBI pays dividends to shareholders in XRP

Japanese crypto-friendly financial services company SBI Holdings will offer XRP as a benefit to its shareholders, according to a statement on Friday. Accordingly, shareholders may receive benefits in XRP or another product provided by subsidiary SBI Alapromo.

Under the program, new shareholders in the company’s register as of March 31 can accept 2,000 yen worth of XRP (~ $ 18), while those who have been a shareholder for more than a year will receive 8,000 yen (~ $ 73.5). Alternatives include cosmetics, health supplements, and brown rice.

Conditions for getting XRP benefits: shareholders must reside in Japan and have an account at the SBI Crypto Exchange, which was launched in 2018.

SBI is an active group in crypto and blockchain, having formed a joint venture with Ripple to provide a cash transfer application called Money Tap.

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