XRP price will soon leave the rest of the cryptocurrency market sidelined as they look on in awe

XRP price continues to lag behind the rest of the crypto market, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. This resulted in XRP losing third place to stablecoin Tether. But all that will change soon as there is an opinion that XRP will soon surprise the rest of the crypto market.

XRP price is poised to reach its first high since the crypto bubble appeared

Very few altcoins are as heavily affected as XRP. Whether it’s really the big boys who have been keeping prices for the project or something else, Ripple has been a clear underperformer for years.

While other cryptocurrencies have gone through at least some price drops this year, Ripple is mostly going down, deep into a downtrend.

By definition, a downtrend is a series of lower lows and lower highs, something XRP holders know all too well. But there is an opinion that XRP could soon put the rest of the crypto market, Bitcoin and Tether included, aside.

And it all starts with the first higher expected high and an attempt to regain 2017 resistance, which will also form a right shoulder on an inverse head and shoulder reversal pattern.


XRPUSDT Daily First Projected Higher High | Source: TradingView

XRP booming while Tether is still out of the box isn’t all that shocking as the value of stablecoins rarely fluctuates, but Ripple beats Bitcoin is rare. XRP has experienced three years of free fall compared to the first cryptocurrency, but all could soon change according to the XRPBTC trading pair. This chart also looks bullish and has regained key support levels according to a chart shared by a cryptocurrency analyst.


XRPBTC Resistance/Support Reclaim and Inverse Head And Shoulders Pattern | Source: TradingView

A three-bottom pattern similar to an inverse head and shoulders is also breaking upwards, which suggests that the USD pair might follow suit soon. If this happens, XRP could be trending higher and sink Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market in its dust.

XRP has spent the past two years lagging behind the rest of the space, while things like Ethereum and Chainlink both run well. If this altcoin has a breakout like in the past, not only can it target Tether’s third spot, it could once again grab Ethereum’s number two spot.

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