XRP price is stuck between the moving averages and external factors like a lawsuit with SEC

After some significant gains, the excitement and greed of the crypto market are getting higher and higher. And now, the market has experienced a rapid crash that has confused investors and traders, especially in light of XRP’s rapid rise and fall. At the time of writing, the XRP price is changing hands at $1.08, still down 18% over the past seven days.


XRP/USD 4-hour chart | Source: TradingView

Valued under $2, XRP price can generate higher returns if…

While most newcomers look for low-priced, high-popular assets like XRP, which offer good entry points, you should ideally have the right balance of risk to reward for a good portfolio.

Market participants generally don’t care about price, and they care about ROI, network strength, functionality, long-term growth, and risk associated with the asset. But if one gets an altcoin that offers a lower investment with a high return, it will be like a cherry on the cake.

XRP traded as high as $1.83 on April 14 and has dropped nearly 70% since then. The Bitcoin crash has mostly affected this crash, but Ripple’s native token both show different recovery potentials.

However, the question remains as to whether this sub-$2 coin offers a better ROI than higher value coins? Their metric-driven understanding of data can indicate they are a suitable investment.

External factors influence the price of altcoins more than one can predict. In the case of XRP, for example, the whole evolution of the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple has had a negative impact on the price of the token. However, XRP has vast potential to explode as Ripple wins the ongoing lawsuit.

XRP slid by 4.95% yesterday, reversing a 3.93% gain from the weekend, price ended the day at $1.06453. A mixed start to the day saw Ripple’s native token rise to an early morning intraday high of $1.12568 before hitting reverse.

If one allocates equal amounts to higher-priced alts with similar ROI, then lower-priced altcoins will generate higher returns. XRP weekly and three-month ROI are -15.37% and +24.19%, respectively. Therefore, looking at the volatility of ROI, XRP is a name that is forecast to make a good addition to the portfolio.

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