XRP Network activity explodes, number of unique addresses reaches 2020 levels

According to some reports and on-chain analytics provided by Santiment, the daily number of unique active addresses on the XRP Network reached its highest value in almost 2.5 years—since February 2020.

XRP Network Shows Strange Activity Explosion

The increase in the number of active addresses on the network occurred on June 26 in a sharp spike, when the number of active addresses increased by 685% compared to the previous day, showing enormous growth from 29,640 to 202,960 unique addresses. During the next few days, the number of active addresses decreased but was now and then interrupted by sudden bursts of activity of about 50,000 active addresses and a subsequent decrease. By the end of June, the average number of unique daily addresses on the XRP Network was 45,000.

Santiment also said in a tweet that XRP looked better than most other altcoins on Thursday, or, as the agency called it, crypto slide day. The statement is ambiguous, but there is some truth to it nonetheless. Analyzing XRP’s price chart against ETH, the main crypto-market altcoin, we can say that XRP definitely did show better performance, trading 9% higher at one point and 4% higher at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, against the USDT, XRP still experienced a drawdown on Thursday, and even though the token managed to recover toward the end of the day and the start of a new session, its quotes are still not where XRP investors would like them to be.

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