XRP Ledger grows by 104% in two years, reaching 5 million wallets

The XRP Ledger, a decentralized public blockchain built for business, has achieved a new record of 5.02 million distinct wallets that hold more than zero XRP coins, according to data from Santiment, a crypto analytics platform.

The number of XRP wallets has more than doubled in the past two years, growing by 104% since January 2022, as the network expands and attracts more users and developers. The XRP Ledger, which has been operating for over 10 years without any major issues, is the sixth-largest crypto asset by market cap, with a valuation of over $40 billion.

Source: Santiment

The XRP Ledger is a peer-to-peer network that manages a distributed ledger of transactions and balances. The ledger is powered by XRP, a native digital asset that can be used for payments, remittances, and exchange of value across borders and platforms. The XRP Ledger also supports other features, such as a decentralized exchange, cross-currency payments, payment channels, multi-signing, and tokens.

The XRP Ledger is one of the most advanced and innovative blockchains in the crypto space, and its growth and adoption show its potential and value. As more people and businesses use the XRP Ledger for various purposes, the network becomes stronger and more diverse.

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