XRP just scored a new listing on top-50 cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT paired with BTC and USDT

The price of XRP today has increased significantly to nearly 6% during the day (at press time). And with this achievement, XRP just scored a new listing on top-50 exchange WhiteBIT paired with Bitcoin and USDT.

XRP price suffered a catastrophic 2019 as the worst-performing of the top 10 last year

XRP price in 2019 was the worst performer, ending the year below $ 0.2. However, by 2020, XRP price seems to have followed the trend of most major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, XRP started to recover slowly, then took momentum before being subject to substantial market volatility in March. Now, just below $ 0.3, XRP is promising, with an increase of 8.49% in the last 24 hours.

So, what drives the recovery of XRP prices? Maybe a new exchange listing will undoubtedly be helping. And that happened because, at the end of this week, the exchange WhiteBIT announced that XRP would join the exchange. In particular, WhiteBIT is a cryptocurrency exchange launched in December 2018, having a solid base in Europe. The exchange also offers several trading tools and additional features. WhiteBIT also has margin trading listing as coming soon, and with the popularity of XRP futures, this could bring in more customers.

Despite concerns over central bank digital currencies threatening Ripple’s payment technology, Ripple Labs continues to find new use cases for its RippleNet technology. With over 300 partners, including Money Gram, American Express, and Santander bank, RippleNet has gained traction.

Recently, they added Southeast Asia to the growing list of partners with significant money transfer organizations in Thailand. Controversial lawsuits and dumping issues, a new list is a sign of price increases for XRP, hoping to see a better performance by 2020.

Remittance volumes are soaring, including ODL

Twitter user @galgitron has recently shared with his 22,000 followers a chart showing a surge in volumes of remittance payments. The user emphasized that they are not all ODL payments from MoneyGram but a certain amount of them are definitely ODL-related. And, as per the Twitter user, the volume is promising.

The XRPL Monitor bot has reported that recently, several entities have transferred 178.4 mln XRP – $ 35,704,090. Part of it was wired by Ripple.

Among the senders and receivers of the rest of the funds, there was also the South-Korea-based Bithumb exchange. The majority of XRP, this time, was moved by anonymous wallets.

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