XRP is on the road to reach $10, says top analyst Tom Busby

As all signs point towards the end of the SEC and Ripple Labs case, the prominent trader Tom Busby says that XRP is signaling a potential price explosion to $10.

According to the trader, recently, Coinbase has previously announced that Coinbase has suspended trading in XRP. Due to a technical issue, XRP was temporarily viewable on the Coinbase Pro mobile app for some customers but it was not tradable. As Busby suggests, this is a hint from Coinbase that it is in the process of relisting XRP soon.

“People are re-listing and companies and exchanges re-listing XRP, I think his will drive XRP price upwards and I think that all the signs and all the roads are pointing towards a re-listing of XRP,”

In terms of the price aspects, XRP price had tumbled to a 3-year low as the lawsuit surfaced followed by dozens of platforms delisting the altcoin. According to the trader, when everyone called it an end of the road for the altcoin, it rose to a new three-year high as the lawsuit progressed, proving everyone wrong.

Now that settlement speculations are high and the second leg of the bull run has begun, the trade believes that XRP looks well set to record new highs where many believe it would easily go past the ATH of $3.83.

$4 to $5 is the next destination of XRP which is deemed to be reached at the end of 2021, especially if the market sees a blow-off top for Bitcoin. After that, Busby says that $10 is a complete possible level to watch out for in the next bull cycle of 2022.

Besides, the total number of XRP active addresses has increased sharply in the last few days. The crypto KOL strongly suggests that as unique addresses suddenly spike, a price rise usually follows in the mid-term.

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