Ripple’s Matt Hamilton: XRP is a better version of Bitcoin but has the same use cases, totally different from NANO

As AZCoin News reported, the XRP Army is skeptical of the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC, while others doubt whether the XRP token has any real-world use cases. And now people from the Ripple and XRP communities are trying to convince them that such cases exist and the token is better than Bitcoin.


Matt Hamilton

Ripple’s Matt Hamilton says XRP has the same use cases as Bitcoin

Ripple’s Director of Developer Relations Matt Hamilton took to Twitter to explain what XRP was originally created for. Furthermore, he also argues that its use cases are similar to those of Bitcoin.

It is argued that no bank uses XRP and that it is a useless and centralized copy of Bitcoin, but Hamilton argues that this is not true. According to him, XRP was created as a better version of Bitcoin by BTC developers as soon as they realized that BTC energy usage could not be scaled. As for the use cases for XRP, they are essentially similar to those for Bitcoin: providing P2P payments that don’t require any third parties.

Hamilton also assured that XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin in response to the assumption implied to the contrary. He said that XRPL has about 150 validators, which means that the control spread for XRP is more decentralized than for BTC.

Arguing with a NANO fan, Hamilton agreed that NANO has some interesting features, however, XRP has other use cases for that coin.

“Sure, Nano has some interesting features, but that has nothing to do with the use cases of XRP. Maybe Nano will get some adoption one day”, he responded when it was suggested that NANO does those P2P use cases even better than XRP.


Source: Matt Hamilton/Twitter

He also provides a link to hundreds of services that use Ripple’s ODL and XRP for micropayments.

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