XRP has been hitting some major milestones this week and has been ahead of other altcoins

According to Santiment, we have large amounts of dormant XRP getting shifted. In the meantime, Whale Alert has reported about 375 million XRP moved over the past two days.

XRP Remains Ahead of Other Altcoins, Reaching Big Milestones This Week

In a recent tweet, popular data provider Santiment stated that XRP had hit a few big milestones over the last week. Among them, Santiment mentioned several primary active wallets beginning to move their XRP contents. Aside from that, the data producer shared a chart in which several large dormant XRP wallets have also begun to shift their coins. Santiment analytics team stated they would keep a close watch on this top ten token.

“XRP is ahead of the #altcoin pack recently, and some major milestones have hit over the past week. In addition to several massive active address spikes firing off, there have been massive dormant tokens shifting addresses this week, Santiment reported.


Earlier this week, the large XRP transfers were spotted by crypto tracking platform Whale Alert after former Ripple CTO finally sold the rest of his XRP holdings. WA noticed that massive transfers of XRP were made to withdraw crypto from FTX and Bitstamp exchanges.

According to Whale Alert, a popular platform that tracks large movements of crypto, over the past 48 hours, a total of 374.5 million XRP has been transferred. The largest single chunk of crypto here amounts to 155,000,000 tokens. In this streak of transfers, FTX moved 63,501,812 coins to BitGo, and Bitstamp moved 46,075,670 XRP to the same destination. BitGo, acquired by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital last year, offers crypto custody services to various companies and financial institutions, including Ripple Labs.

Also, major US exchange Bittrex moved 60,000,000 and 50,000,000 to Bitstamp and Bitso, Latin America’s crypto unicorn invested by Ripple. The aforementioned 150-million XRP transfer was conducted from Binance to Bittrex.

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