World’s Richest Families Are Buying Bitcoin In Secret, According to Analyst Tyler Swope

Closely-followed crypto KOL Tyler Swope from Chico Crypto unveils the recent Bitcoin accumulation of the world’s richest families.

Yesterday in the mainstream crypto news, it was announced the Rothschild investment corp had increased its Bitcoin exposure by 300% since April.

The trader cites the Coindesk article saying that “The Chicago-based institutional investment manager increased its holdings of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares to 141,405 from 38,346 in the prior quarter, according to Securities and Exchange Commission documents filed Monday”.

The crypto KOL comments that these are really investors looking at their allocations in the medium to long term, and so any volatility or dampening of volatility is not something anyone is fazed by.

Interestingly, not just Bitcoin is on Rothschild’s radar, Ethereum (ETH) is also on the list: they bought over 141 thousand shares for bitcoin GBTC and over 279 thousand shares for Ethereum.

Not only the Rothschild elite but the billionaire family Rockefeller is also trading Bitcoin after eyeing digital tokens for years.

“They are shaking hands with a crypto entity Coinfund who is a crypto investment group. This was announced to the world all the way back in April hitting main crypto media sites, and they were looking for corporations long term!

He adds:

“Both the Rockefellers and Rothschilds started making their moves around the same time! This type of money is not a bad thing for the crypto projects that get it…even though these families are considered evil by many!”

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