Worldcoin’s World ID Program Surpasses 2 Million Sign-Ups, Marking a Milestone in Digital Identity Verification

Worldcoin, a revolutionary identity verification and cryptocurrency project, achieved a significant milestone on July 13, announcing that its World ID program has garnered over 2 million sign-ups. This achievement highlights the project’s commitment to building a more inclusive and human-centric economic system. At the heart of this mission lies World ID, a global identity protocol that empowers individuals to digitally verify their uniqueness and humanness while preserving privacy.

The pace of progress has been remarkable, with the project surpassing 2 million World ID sign-ups during its beta phase in less than half the time it took to reach the first million. This widespread adoption of World ID has been a global phenomenon, with individuals from various cities worldwide, such as Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo, enthusiastically embracing the initiative. The availability of Orbs, Worldcoin’s custom biometric imaging devices, in these cities during the project’s global tour has played a significant role in facilitating the sign-up process. In fact, an impressive average of over 40,000 individuals are now registering for a verified World ID every week.

The Worldcoin community expresses gratitude to all those who have contributed to this remarkable milestone, including the builders, integration and composability partners, and individuals who verify their World ID on a daily basis. Achieving 2 million World ID sign-ups is not only an accomplishment for the Worldcoin community but also a significant stride towards the broader global endeavor of making digitally-verifiable identity accessible to all.

According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute titled “Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth,” over 4.4 billion people worldwide lack a legal identity or possess one that cannot be digitally verified. This presents a major obstacle when it comes to accessing financial services. Worldcoin’s World ID program seeks to address this issue by providing a secure and convenient means for individuals to prove their identity digitally.

To meet the growing demand for verified World IDs, Worldcoin plans to expand the availability of Orbs significantly in the coming months. Detailed information regarding the availability of new Orbs will be disclosed in due course, ensuring a broader reach and greater accessibility to the World ID program.

Furthermore, as the number of sign-ups continues to rise, more apps and services are incorporating the World ID protocol into their platforms. Auth0, a global authentication and authorization platform owned by Okta, recently introduced “Sign in with Worldcoin” for tens of thousands of applications and online services that utilize Auth0 for user authentication. Moreover, Talent Protocol has become the first web3 platform in Europe to integrate World ID, marking a significant step towards seamless and secure identity verification across various digital services.

Worldcoin’s achievement of 2 million World ID sign-ups not only reflects the success of its innovative approach but also emphasizes the growing global recognition of the importance of accessible and verifiable digital identities. With continued efforts and advancements, Worldcoin and its World ID program are poised to spearhead a transformative revolution in the realm of digital identity, paving the way for a more inclusive and interconnected global economy.

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