Will XRP join the Altcoin season 2020 with widely adopted by many merchants?

According to some reports, the number of traders accepting XRP is on the rise this year; In particular, the United States is the country with the highest number of traders accepting XRP.

The number of traders accepting XRP for payment is 46% higher in the first seven months of 2020

The total number of merchants accepting XRP as payment increased from 457 to 670, marking a 46% increase in the seven months of 2020. According to Cryptwerk, 20% of the 46% are based in the United States and the Kingdom of England, followed by India. According to the cryptocurrency analysis tool, XRP is the sixth most popular among merchants after Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash.


As the Altcoin season is blooming this year, XRP is lagging behind major self-limited currencies below $ 0.02. Currently, it has traded sideways with a growth of 0.15% to reach $ 0.11985. Principally, XRP is widely used to solve the liquidity problems that financial ecosystems have faced with transaction times of less than or in seconds.

According to Coinpedia’s report, Altcoin will have a bull run towards the end of the year. The adoption of XRP could play an essential role in the XRP price in the coming days.

Ripple and Ripple-net payment systems currently operate in the United States and 22 other locations. Unlike bitcoin, which is a very complex payment system, Ripple’s user-friendly payment system has attracted the attention of many banks around the world.

Recently, Ripple’s XRP framed a policy regulating digital assets in India. This policy focuses on the application of new digital assets and blockchain technology. Officially according to Ripple, Indian incumbents are slow, but when given a strong reason to move, they can stream on Ripple within six weeks.

Therefore, traders around the world are adopting XRP as their payment system quickly. Perhaps due to Ripple’s simple and secure payment network. Thus, the adoption of more XRP in the coming days is expected to increase the price of XRP.

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