Wietse Wind warns about fake Ripple site promoting XRP staking

Wietse Wind, the lead developer of the XRP Ledger ecosystem and the creator of the Xumm Wallet, alerted the world to a fresh scam going after the XRP community. Therefore, Ripple’s bogus cryptocurrency website invites novice users to participate in an “autonomous XRP staking testing program,” which will likely result in attackers stealing tokens.

Ripple Scam Alert: There Is No XRP Staking Program

Not only that. The developer also warned his followers about another XRP staking fraud in which they are invited to join a scheme under the guise of big returns after receiving a phony email purporting to be from Binance.

Before now, Twitter bots that pretended to be prominent cryptocurrency industry personalities like CEO Brad Garlinghouse or David Schwartz would use the names Ripple and XRP to promote links to shady websites. They were particularly numerous during the excitement around Ripple and XRP, but their numbers have considerably decreased since Elon Musk’s ascent to Twitter.

In general, the number of cryptocurrency-related fraud schemes rose considerably near the year’s end. Using impersonations of well-known individuals, such as Metallica, Elon Musk, or Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently prevalent. In October, Chainalysis reported that the total amount of money stolen by cryptocurrency scammers in 2022 was $3 billion, likely making it the worst year in market history for hacking.

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