Who manipulated the spectacular 350% pump of Bitcoin SV?

Craig Wright, the controversial Australian computer scientist and full supporter of Bitcoin SV, announced that he knows exactly who was behind the BSV pump in early January. He said that interest in the market was related to the organization but did not elaborate.

Wright also believes that the patents filed by nChain will help position the company to take advantage of central banks and private efforts to create stablecoins. When the people behind such projects realize the challenges, the use of Bitcoin SV will be significant to them, Wright asserted.

Wright knows exactly who pumped Bitcoin SV?

Recently, Wright appeared in an interview with BlockTV and said that he knew why Bitcoin SV surged this month. He is the largest Bitcoin SV supporter since it split from Bitcoin Cash in 2018. He believes it is closest to what was envisioned for Bitcoin when it was clearly stated that he wrote the original whitepaper.

But Wright also has to admit someone behind the Bitcoin SV pump:

“I know what’s behind it, and who, and anything else. No information is public, so that I won’t share it.”

Although Wright did not disclose much during the interview, he said the massive pump was due to entities buying digital currency. This suggests that it is unlikely that the pump will take place entirely due to the fundamentals based on the upcoming Genesis upgrade. It also does not alleviate allegations about the wash trade made by Calvin Ayre.

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