What type of cryptocurrency does Mark Cuban own? Hint: He holds a lot of “shitcoin”

One of the things that people are always curious about is, what cryptocurrency do celebrities own? Today, join AZCoin News to discover what cryptocurrency Mark Cuban – billionaire owns the Dallas Mavericks, appears regularly on the Shark Tank investment program, and has a net worth of over $ 4 billion – owns?

What cryptocurrency does Mark Cuban own?

Things began to get more exciting when Cuban shared:

That revelation came about from a clip Cuban posted to Twitter of him dancing in Mavericks gear. That clip can be purchased from his accountt on Rarible, a marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs)—digital collectibles on a blockchain. Cuban’s profile includes a public address, which is in turn funded by another wallet discovered thanks to sleuthing from The Block ‘s Head of Research Steven Zheng.

The wallet features a hodgepodge of ERC20 tokens, such as OPEN Governance Token, HYVE, and MASQ, collectively worth a little over half of an ETH.

Cuba’s change to the cryptocurrency icon is underway. In April 2020, the billionaire investor said he only owned about $ 130 in Bitcoin. But earlier this month, he revealed that he has invested more than he previously disclosed and has a stake in Coinbase.

Finally, Mark Cuban revealed that he has been holding cryptocurrencies for years, without ever diluting the holdings.

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