What is ZB Coin?

ZB.com (ZB token) is a cryptocurrency exchange established in November 2017 in China. But after the country issued bans on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges, ZB moved its headquarters to Hong Kong. ZB.com operates mainly in Asia, some states that ZB targets from China, North America, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries around the world.

Since its launch, ZB has quickly reached the top 20 floors with the largest trading volume worldwide, and recently it has always been in the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. ZB offers Crypto-Crypto trading pairs, i.e., exchanges between coin and coin and Crypto-fiat trading pairs (Coin with fiat currency, currently only supports CNY – Yuan). Customers trading on ZB.com floor from all over the world.

What is ZB Coin (ZB)?

ZB Coin (symbol: ZB) is a separate token issued by ZB.COM, ZB token is used for the purpose of reducing transaction fees for users and supporting the development of ZB.com system. Currently, ZB coin has been listed to trade on the ZB floor and ZB floor has also opened a separate trading market for ZB coins. If you’ve ever used Binance or Huobi Pro, the ZB token is similar to Binance coin and Huobi Token.

Review ZB.com trading platform

1. Advantages of ZB.com

  • High liquidity: ZB is among the top trading floors in the world, so the liquidity is very high.
  • Safety and security: ZB uses many of the best security systems today, like many other platforms, including SSL, 2-layer security (2FA), SMS verification, and password for withdrawals.
  • Fiat Trading: ZB.com supports Chinese users to trade QC, BTC, USDT, ETH, through CNT (Chinese Yuan).
  • Support multiple Coin / Token: Currently, on ZB there are about 93 pairs of coins being traded, including many popular and uncommon tokens.
  • Having its own coin floor: ZB.com has issued a separate token for its platform, ZB Token (ZB).
  • No deposit fee: Users do not charge to top up the ZB floor.
  • Multi-platform support: In addition to the web platform, ZB also supports transactions on the IOS and Android platforms for phones, computer platforms such as Windows and Mac OS.
  • Using cold wallets: Most of ZB customers’ money will be stored offline, cold wallets, very safe.
  • Margin: ZB supports margin trading with 3x leverage.
  • 24/7 support: I rate ZB very high in this part, I had trouble withdrawing and was supported by ZB support staff via Telegram, and I solved the problem.

2. Disadvantages of ZB.com

  • Fees for withdrawing some major coins like BTC and ETH are quite high
  • Does not support OTC transactions for Vietnamese users
  • No clear information about the company behind
  • Currently only Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai
  • Although it has been switched to English, some of the operations with the notice appear are still Chinese

Exchange platform

ZB.com has an impressive web-based trading platform, accessible in several versions suitable for both beginner and experienced cryptocurrency traders. Platform interface for experienced users. The chart looks great and traders have access to a multitude of tools and technical indicators for chart analysis.

The whole interface is very intuitive and even beginners can appreciate the advanced interface for a beautiful and easy to understand layout. The chart is in the top left corner with the order book located to the right of the chart and to the right is the order window where traders place their market orders. Limit orders and limit stops can be placed on the basic exchange interface.

Transaction fee

ZB.com is very transparent with their fees as they are all stated in the fees section of the exchange’s website. The transaction fee for all currencies in all markets is 0.2% per transaction. This is a very competitive rate and is accepted by many traders. In addition, this fee can be reduced by half if you hold ZB coins.

For deposits and withdrawals, ZB.com does not charge any fees for deposits, but traders pay a different withdrawal fee from cryptocurrencies to cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin withdrawal fee is 0.0001 BTC, for Litecoin is 0.005 LTC, for Ethereum is 0.01 ETH.

Security and Privacy

ZB.com is known as a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange implements the latest and greatest security measures to ensure users and their money are kept safe. For example, traders can implement Google Two-Factor Authentication to log into their accounts and make transfers and withdrawals. In addition, email and SMS authentication may be turned on and the transaction PIN is different from your login password. All of these security features help protect traders’ accounts from unauthorized access and hacking attempts.

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