What is Xensor (XSR)?

Xensor, an enterprise that has previously developed and manufactured IoT sensor hardware, has addressed the challenge of providing the IoT infrastructure needed to build smart cities. To do so, Xensor decided to tailor its blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecosystem to solve two unprecedented IoT problems: rail security, high investment, and maintenance costs.

The Xensor project has enhanced the efficiency of data storage and transactions by automating specific data management points while also lowering the cost of building an IoT communications network. In addition, Xensor plans to apply incentive policies to its hardware customers by encrypting the data and providing monetary value for the data provided. These aspects play an important role in the structure of the Xensor ecosystem. Overall, the Xensor project has taken on the challenge of IoT integration, one of the key components of the fourth revolution and blockchain to help build effective and efficient smart cities.

Token information

Xensor will manage the XSR Token Pool, provided with a fixed number of XSR tokens, to reward users of the Xensor hardware that provided the data. Sixty-five percent of the original circulating supply will be stored in the XSR Token Group, but as the number of Xensor hardware owners increases and stored tokens can be exhausted quickly. Therefore, the Xensor Team will use part of its profits to buy XSR tokens from the market and store them in the XSR token Group. The tokens in the XSR Token Group will only be used to reward Xensor hardware owners for providing data and no entity can access this group for other purposes.

Business model

Xensor’s business model consists of three elements. First, Xensor provides asset automation services using its sensors. Second, Xensor creates IoT communication networks using its gateways. Third, Xensor establishes a decentralized data market, where data collected from the previous two items can be traded.


1. Fire detection

2. Water leak

3. Power outage

4. Malfunction

5. Control

Data Market

1. Insurance

2. Investment Bank

3. Goverment

IoT Network

1. POS

2. Light Control

3. Parking Charge

Features of Xensor

– Expedited log-in with KakaoTalk account

– User-friendly wallet

– Check xensor’s price (XSR) at real-time

– Easy and quick transactions using wallet addresses or QR code scans

– Simple design with no ads

– Wallet that supports diverse cryptocurrencies



Xensor is considered to be an IoT device capable of setting up networks at a lower cost. Xensor collects data from cumbersome management points and exchanges this data.

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