What is Wirex (WXT)?

Wirex (WXT) was launched in 2014. Wirex is a service platform that provides Cryptocurrency payment solutions to everyday life. In particular, Wirex’s business model includes Digital Banking, Cryptocurrency-Fiat and VISA Debit Card Issuance.

Wirex builds an ecosystem, a platform that provides solutions for money transfers and transactions such as non-bank transactions) by billions of people around the world or fast money transfers with low fees.

What is WXT?

Wirex is the utility token and the first native cryptocurrency on the Wirex platform. It is a token built on the Stellar platform and used in the Wirex App as well as other cryptocurrency platforms.

The role of WXT

Discount: if you use the Wirex App, you can get a discount of up to 100% depending on the amount of WXT you have. Fees include:

  • Transaction fee
  • Bank transfer fees
  • Transfer fee in Blockchain
  • Top-up deposit fee via Debit Card or Credit
  • Fee for using ATM services
  • Token hosting fee
  • Monthly service management fee

What are the benefits of Wirex?

Wirex will give everyone and the business community control over their money. Allow them to use all forms of currency.

Wirex solutions are a quick, cheap, flexible and scalable alternative to existing banking infrastructure and payment platforms.

Therefore, Wirex does not restrict access to exchange rates, always providing OTC and interbank rates for all Wirex customers.

Users can deposit money via Blockchain, cryptocurrency or stablecoins to minimize volatility. Or, users can use existing fiat money and existing banking infrastructure.

Wirex’s greatest convenience is outperforming other cryptocurrency blockchains and being able to use them in everyday life.

Wirex applications

It provides retail customers with access to the OTC market and interbank interest rates to trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This is something that is usually reserved for financial institutions and major investors.

It is the first to provide a debit card, allowing customers to use their cryptocurrency as fiat currency. Turn cryptocurrencies from speculative assets into mainstream forms of payment.

It offers the world’s first crypto reward program. In particular, Cryptoback ™ is a specialized application that pays 0.5% in cryptocurrency for all store purchases made with Wirex Visa cards.

It provides real-world business solutions, opening thousands of crypto businesses to regular bank accounts.
Provide separate tokens, allowing all customers to improve the experience on the Network.


It can be said that the previous IEO IEO projects were quite successful, so WXT had the support and resonated by the beautiful platform. When the number of people directly using the transfer and receive features increases, the demand for WXT will increase accordingly. Moreover, the more users use the promotion; the more WXT is given back to the users, the greater the demand for WXT sales. If you plan to invest, you need to be constantly updated with the latest information about WXT, and, at the same time, refer to many sources to understand it.

You can check WXT price here.

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