What is WaykiChain Coin (WICC)?

WaykiChain (WICC) is a smart contract platform that supports Turing devices fully integrated with the specific features of blockchain 3.0. It works through the DPOS consensus mechanism, setting up 11 voting nodes and creating a new block every 10 seconds. According to detailed calculations of WaykiChain Team, its transaction speed can be reached more than 1000 transactions per second. It is being widely used in 3 main areas, including finance, foreign exchange and betting.

WICC are the major cryptocurrencies used in WaykiChain. People use WICC to access and use applications and functions of WaykiChain platform by paying a fixed amount of WICC.

Features of WaykiChain

Smart contract: WaykiChain smart contracts are written in a programming language called “Lua”. Lua was innovated in Brazil in 1993. After 30 years of development, Lua is widely used in many different fields, such as in games, IoT devices and integrated devices, etc. Community developers can easily learn and use it because its documents are publicly available for anyone to read. So, for just a small amount of money for WaykiChain, community developers can publish their Lua smart contracts to WaykiChain’s decentralized blockchain networks. And thanks to smart contracts, people will be able to identify many of the good apps they need, such as property apps, betting options, copyright finding, security insurance and many other applications.

Voting mechanism: WaykiChain adopts DPOS consensus mechanism with 11 voting nodes. When each block is created, each voting node will be elected according to the random noise algorithm from the 11 nodes with the most votes. The selected voting node will then collect all transaction processing fees in the block it voted for.

Sidechain: Sidechain WaykiChain technology will help establish its own consensus. Sidechain will be required to download specific blocks when using the sidechain application. Therefore, it will improve efficiency and reduce resource waste. Sidechain will transfer and receive information from the main chain to ensure information security by registering its hash code on the main chain.

Whole node wallet: WaykiChain Team will create a universal wallet for all its services when it releases the Windows version, and it is named WaykiChain Betting.


WaykiChain’s team has nearly 20 members related to many different fields, including blockchain technology, business, including developers with a certain reputation, and prominent members of the project include:

Founder Wayki Sun: He was one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in digital money in 2013. He is worshiped as Dogecoin’s Godfather with over 10 years of operation in the field of finance and the Internet. He is also the founder of Oulu Crowd Funding as well as the president of Hurricane Digital Assets Management Co., Ltd. He has a high reputation in both the traditional financial industry and emerging crypto markets.

Gordon Gao, Co-founder & CEO: He is a former student of Columbia University in New York, former Data Scientist of Fishbowl in Wall Street, former Data Analyst of Alibaba Group, a senior member of the Club Mensa international ministry, currently the WaykiChains CEO. He is responsible for providing support for WaykiChains in commercial model design and strategic planning, building a digital monitoring system for products. He promotes WaykiChain abroad with his international background.

Tony Chau, Co-Founder & Consultant: He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Toronto in Canada and served at Hongshang Asset Management Co., Ltd. He focuses on industry surveys and trade analysis, with in-depth research, special awareness of business operating models, professional financial knowledge and complete project experience.

CTO Kris Liao: Liao holds a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering at Zhongshan University. He is one of the founders of Zhinengfang Ethereum in China. And he is a member of one of the earliest blockchain technology groups in China. He has many years of research on digital currencies and has experience developing blockchain technology.


Waykichain is an online gambling platform that is not new in tradition but it is new when applying blockchain technology and platform. WICC is a coin listed on many large exchanges, and has a large market capitalization, has a strong community. This is a worthwhile coin for traders to refer and invest in.

You can check WICC price here.

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