What is WAX (WAXP)?

WAX (short for Worldwide Asset Exchange) is a global decentralized trading platform. WAX created a marketplace that allowed the purchase and sale of virtual assets such as clothing, weapons, and items in online games. Based on Blockchain technology, WAX aims to innovate the world of video games to provide a reliable commodity exchange market thanks to smart contracts for more than 400 million gaming users globally, along with people like to collect, buy and sell in-game items.

WAXP Token is a cryptocurrency used in the WAX ​​platform to buy and sell in-game items. Smart contracts will help ensure continued liquidity and transfer of transactions. In addition, for transactions made without using the WAX ​​coin, the WAX ​​platform will use the WAXP token to pay fees related to that transaction.

WAXP is an ERC-20 token developed on Ethereum’s blockchain platform, and WAXP is also a utility token.


The main development team of the WAX ​​project is the group behind the OPSkins platform. After its founding in 2015, OPSkins has quickly become a global market for virtual assets in video games. After only a few years of operation, OPSkins has served hundreds of millions of customers in 95 countries, with more than 100 million purchases each year. Some key members of the WAX ​​project management:

William Quigley: CEO of OPSkins and WAX, William holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Accounting degree at the University of Southern California. In addition, William is also supporting the development of many companies in the cryptocurrency market, such as Tether, GoCoin, Mastercoin.

Jonathan Yantis: CEO of WAX and OPSkins, he was the first to create trading of virtual items in 1997. He then joined the management of Internet gaming company Entertainment Entertainment – a giant in the gaming industry. He is also a Bitcoin miner and a member of the management team of Mastercoin.

Lukas Sliwka: CTO of WAX. In addition to technical and technological expertise, he has extensive experience in organizational development and group management to support project development and expansion.

Malcolm Casselle: WAX’s strategic advisor, CasSelle is an international entrepreneur and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and President of New Ventures at Tronc. Inc. (formerly Tribune Publishing). Before Tronc, Inc, he was a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media of SeaChange International.

WAX features include:

Run your own Virtual Market: WAX allows millions of users to create their own virtual stores without having to invest any capital into infrastructure or build payment channels.

Market watch for your favorite game: Joining guilds in your favorite games will help you manage and monitor specific transactions for your favorite game or game server system You and receive a reward for your participation in any server failure.

Transfer agents: You can become an agent in the platform by reviewing and facilitating transactions, WAX members can earn a significant fee. With more fees, there will be more money to use and access to the entire ecosystem.

Appraisers: Members of WAX who are long-time and experienced players of any game can participate in the evaluation and evaluation of the value of items sold on the platform. There will be certain rewards for those who have good assessments and assessments, which are voted by many.


The WAX ​​Coin (WAXP) cryptocurrency built on Ethereum’s blockchain platform was born with the goal of providing a reliable virtual goods market for people playing online games around the world and even those who like to collect and trade items in online games.

You can check WAXP price here.

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