What is Waves coin?

Waves ( WAVES) is an open-source, decentralized Blockchain platform, allowing anyone to issue tokens and build their own applications. Waves’ decentralized platform also facilitates capital mobilization and trading of financial instruments on Blockchain. Through Waves, you can launch ICO projects from anywhere in the world in as little as 1 minute without going through the complicated cryptocurrency encryption process.

Waves is a Blockchain platform similar to Ethereum, helping organizations and teams issue tokens and build their own platform based on the Waves Blockchain. But the difference is that Waves improve quality with high bandwidth, low latency, and transaction fees, enabling developers to build platforms faster. The Waves product suite has also been optimized to make it easier for end-users to learn and use.

Features of the Waves platform

Easy to use: Waves is available as a Chrome browser application or a client HTML application, besides Waves also provides an interface for users to easily access.

Ideal platform for raising capital: The Waves platform is a collection of tools designed to help users create, distribute and exchange their tokens quickly and easily. Anyone can support a project they like by investing in its tokens.

Ability to transfer fiat money: Waves can simplify the process of transferring money between WAVES tokens, fiat money and other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Decentralized ecosystem includes: Blockchain, WAVES, WavesDEX decentralized exchange, Waves wallet.


The development team of the Waves project owns many talented names from many countries and many different fields such as finance, blockchain, crypto, marketing, business… Here are some outstanding members of the project:

Sasha Ivanov: Founder and CEO of the Waves project, he was a physicist and was involved in developing payment system software. Sasha joined the blockchain space quite early and launched the first cryptocurrency exchange, coinomat.com.

Martin Spodymek: Head of Community Management: he is an engineer and was fascinated by blockchain technology and cryptography in general. Martin supports Waves technical and marketing.

Alexey Kiselev: Developing Back End: A programmer who graduated from Moscow National Technical University.

Should you invest in Waves?

Waves is not only a potential coin for long-term investment in the future; it is also a promising Blockchain platform for startup projects to issue tokens. Currently, there are quite a lot of tokens as well as applications that use the platform of Waves to develop; this is a sign that Waves has been trusted by the community.

Besides, you can consider other potential factors such as a thriving team, a clear roadmap, real products (wallets, decentralized exchanges), many large exchanges that support Waves coin,… and a platform coin is always the best long-term investment choice in the cryptocurrency market.


Waves Platform will gradually assert its position compared to other blockchain platforms like Ethereum EOS. At that time, the network of users and supporters of Waves Platform was increasing. One of the most expected things from the Waves Platform is that projects issue their tokens on this platform. So, the demand for using Waves to participate in the ICO, as well as the need to use this token for other Waves Platform products and services will increase.

You can check WAVES price here.

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