What is Voyager (VGX)?

Voyager (VGX) rebranded the Ethos Token (ETHOS) to the Voyager Token (VGX). This development represents a significant step forward in integrating Ethos technology into the Voyager ecosystem.

Voyager is an online brokerage firm dedicated to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Voyager is a regulated cryptocurrency broker that offers investors the same smooth, secure, and convenient experience that online stock trading becomes today. Voyager executes orders across multiple exchanges, provides “Best Execution Orders,” and gives clients access to an extremely liquid market.


For lack of liquidity

Voyager built the next generation Dynamic Smart Order Router solution and custody monitoring solution to solve liquidity problems. Orders are routed and split among exchanges to deliver the best results to consumers. The platform allows you to deposit your way with secure and liquid funds ensuring that your funds are safe and available when you need them.

For high fees

Voyager operates a commission-free transaction service. Consumers can trade with peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best execution possible without extraneous fees. Prices are up-front, so you know the price and all costs before making a transaction.

Too inaccessible

The Voyager team has extensive experience building successful consumer-centric apps like Uber, Apple, and E * TRADE used by millions of people around the world. Team plans and builds every feature in mind for accessibility and ease of use. Simple and accessible wallet and transaction interfaces will be built using this same design mentality.

Potentially dangerous

The Voyager team has a strong track record in the traditional finance industry as well as in the cryptocurrency industry. Voyager builds trust by prioritizing security and accessible self custody options for customers and by publicly building transparency and trust with consumers. They work with industry leaders such as Ledger Vault to implement modern, highly secure custody solutions. Voyager’s goal is the safest and most consumer-oriented place to transfer, custody, and trade cryptocurrencies.

What is VGX token?

Voyager’s Native Token (VGX) is a liquid, functional token that will provide value and utility across Voyager’s entire ecosystem of exchange, custody, and wallet products. Tokens can be staked or consumed for a variety of utilities to enhance the customer experience. By holding VGX, consumers can reap the benefits of holding their own keys to their crypto funds (“your keys, your money”) while also can quickly trade their crypto assets.

Advantages of VGX tokens

Fee savings & instant transactions – withdrawals & live trading

When using VGX native broker tokens, you get considerable value and benefits. As part of direct transactions, the ability to trade from self-depositing Vault, the VGX token, will enable instant blockchain transactions, allowing users to make instant transactions directly from the self-hosted wallet sign. As part of direct transactions, VGX holders can use tokens to pay fees and get a discount on the fees.

Cashback rewards program

In addition to the discounts, customers receive direct withdrawal fees and transaction fees, which will be granted access to a unique reward system based on holding VGX tokens. Not only can clients trade commissions free, but they can also earn money back every time they trade.

Earn interest

Voyager is one of the only brokerage firms to offer unlocked interest-bearing accounts along with competitive trading offers. Users are offered base rate with the option to enhance interest rate experience through token functionality.

Additional rewards

In addition, the VGX token will bring users additional rewards and benefits. As Voyager adds products such as debit, escrow, loan, and Multi-Wallet integration into Voyager apps, VGX token holders get additional benefits.


Stephen Ehrlich – Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Stephen Ehrlich is the CEO of the Company and its Subsidiaries of the United States. Steve was previously the CEO of Tradier, Inc., a financial technology company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Steve is the founder and CEO of Lightspeed Financial, LLC – broker-dealer retail-based in the United States. Steve is also the Vice President of Brokerage Strategy for all Business Development at E * TRADE.

Oscar Salazar – Co-founder

Oscar Salazar is a global leader in building consumer-oriented mobile experiences and apps. He is best known as the co-founder of Uber as the Founding Architect and Chief Technology Officer building the first version of the Uber app. Oscar Salazar is an active investor and co-founder and CTO of Pager, a venture-invested digital wellness startup.


Voyager is growing rapidly, with plans to expand its business internationally later this year and launch an Android app. The VGX team is also working to offer a variety of other crypto products, including but is not limited to interest-bearing accounts, crypto loans, margin accounts, the ability to short sell cryptocurrencies and term deposits. Token will be indispensable for these products.

You can check the VGX price here.

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