What is Verge (XVG)?

Verge (XVG) is a platform focused on privacy and anonymity for users. Transactions conducted on the Verge network cannot be accessed, and transaction processing speed is also superior to other cryptocurrencies. To do that, Verge integrates blockchain technology into services like I2P and Tor to hide all personal information of users such as IP and location. In the future Verge intends to integrate RSK technology to help Verge have smart contract features, while ensuring confidentiality for users.

Verge was launched in 2014 after it forked from the Dogecoin network. Its original name was DogeCoinDark, until February 2016 it officially changed its name to Verge (XVG).

Features of Verge

Focus on complete privacy and anonymity: Many anonymous platform networks (I2P and Tor) are used and hide the IP address of the user, thus completely unable to find transactions.

Fast transaction speed: Compared to other cryptocurrencies, XVG trades at extremely fast speed, thanks to Simple Payment Verification technology that reduces transaction time (5 seconds) on average.

Accept a variety of wallets for multiple operating systems: The revolutionary Tor Android Wallet provides anonymity for mobile phones, which is considered one of the unique features for secure cryptocurrencies.

The absolute support from the community: Verge is not a private company funded by early mining or through an ICO, but thousands of community members will support all of its development and marketing.

Decentralization on open code: Verge does not have central control but is decentralized on an open-source platform.

The active development team and the contributions of many people: There is always a strong connection between the development team and the community. Therefore, users can approach them easily to seek support or contribute new ideas about Verge to developers.


Sunerok: Verge’s founder and core developer. He is a passionate enthusiast in decentralized platform and open source technology, more than 20 years of experience in network security and six years in the blockchain platform.

Sasha (Vice president of Verge): Holds a Master’s degree in Economic Science from Bocconi University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has professional experience in information technology, project management, investment banking and financial modeling.

Cees van Dam: Has many years of experience in Social Media and is the main manager of Verge Currency’s Facebook social networking site. He is a communication facilitator, helping newcomers to Verge learn about privacy and other topics. At the same time, he is also responsible for recruiting volunteers.

Frank Dashwood: Operator of RadioCrypto.com, owner of CoinMetal program and one of the original founding members of Verge with 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Frank was originally dedicated to Verge and continues to participate in actively and promote the vision of this cryptocurrency.


Anonymity and privacy are always an expensive factor that investors consider and consider carefully for the cryptocurrency world. In particular, Verge is considered to have high potential in this regard, although the “age” of XVG is quite young. The outstanding features of XVG are strengths that not any coin can do and 2017 is the year marking the respectable rise of this cryptocurrency. That’s all, but we can see great potential and opportunity when investing in XVG.

XVG has so far been rated as one of the best performing coins in the cryptocurrency market thanks to the identity security feature. This is considered the first cryptocurrency to integrate the smart contract feature but still ensure anonymity.

You can check XVG price here.

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