What is TrueChain (TRUE)?

TrueChain (TRUE) is a public blockchain platform developed to serve decentralized applications related to commerce. TrueChain is based on an improved consensus protocol called BFT that allows peer-to-peer P2P communication to be done faster and with higher quality smart contracts.

TRUE is the main digital currency in True Chain. It is used for many different purposes in the platform, such as paying to use decentralized applications and receiving money when you are the creator of applications that allow every user…

Features of TrueChain

Building blockchains for decentralized commercial applications

TrueChain operates on a modified BFT consensus on smart contract platform. TrueChain takes advantage of the BFT consensus to achieve high TPS, while providing an improved BFT protocol that allows everyone to participate as validators. Therefore, TrueChain is made up of a public blockchain for decentralized applications that require high performance.

Smart contracts with business logic

TrueChain started with Dapps from the digital advertising industry, the coin’s smart contract platform provides an abstraction layer for various commercial applications. From there, it helps developers to access blockchain technology easily and quickly.

Improve usability

TrueChain builds a toolkit for developers and activity managers to access and track in a more convenient way. The toolkit includes TrueChain BaaS, Smart Contract Manager, TRUE Dapp Store, browser contracts. TrueChain will be listed on the TRUE Dapp Store and SDK for access. Moreover, a blockchain-as-a-service platform allows developers to test and deploy smart contracts.

Cross-chain transaction protocol

There are many applications from blockchain, so it is important to make transactions with applications from many different blockchains. TrueChain’s cross-chain protocols will support cross-chain smart contracts and allow transactions to be made between the TrueChain application and Dapps from many different blockchains.


The team that makes True Chain is a team with many talented members from many different fields. Here are the key members of the platform:

Eric Zhang: He graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mr. Zhang is the technical founder of TrueChain. He has led TrueChain’s research and engineering teams across the United States, India and China, striving for groundbreaking innovation.

Larry Lin: He has over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and the internet. He is an internet marketing and community activist, author of bestselling “WeChat Marketing and Operations”, “Weibo and WeChat Marketing Tactics”.

James Cheng (Xiaoyong Cheng): Cheng Xiaoyong is the founder of TrueChain, a serial entrepreneur, member of the Chang’an Club, vice president of the Black Horse Club (2015-2016) and member of the Great Wall Club.


TrueChain is building a global blockchain infrastructure that aims to bring blockchain technology to the business community by supporting performance-demanding commercial applications. Demand from the business world is driving TrueChain’s development and research, and TrueChain’s success is based solely on the prosperity of its built on TrueChain applications. Therefore, TrueChain’s technology team always looks at the real world’s needs and promotes the binding of blockchain technology based on the way commercial applications evolve.

You can check TRUE price here.

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