What is TomoChain (TOMO)?

TomoChain is a blockchain platform designed to solve the problem of network expansion of Ethereum blockchain as well as current blockchain platforms. TomoChain is based on a 150 Masternode system with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) algorithm that can support near-zero transaction fees and instant transaction verification time. The security, stability and completeness of the chain are guaranteed by technologies such as two-layer security mechanism, random selection process as well as sending and receiving via smart contracts.

TomoChain supports all smart contracts on the Ethereum platform, protocols as well as cross transactions between different tokens. New expansion technologies such as sharding, augmenting Ethereum virtual machines, creating private chains or integrating improved hardware will continue to be studied and integrated with TomoChain’s Masterndode technology soon. It makes TomoChain the ideal solution for the expansion of existing blockchains as well as an environment for developing decentralized applications, issuing tokens and integrating tokens into business models.

TomoChain products

TomoChain Mainnet: The TomoChain project officially launched the Mainnet in December 2018, this is the most important event since Tomo launched.

TomoWallet: This is the official wallet platform for TOMO coin, currently available for IOS and Android operating systems on phones.

TomoMaster: TomoMaster provides a professional user interface that allows token holders to become candidates for the Masternode position. Moreover, it allows voting for Masternodes in a decentralized management application and displays statistics about the performance of Masternodes.

TomoScan: This product brings transparency to TomoChain users through the disclosure of all information about blocks, transactions, smart contracts, decentralized applications, and token information. Similarly, it shows technical information and performance statistics that accompany token holders’ information.

TomoX: This is a protocol for connecting tokens on TomoChain for exchange purposes.


Tomochain is a project developed by two Vietnamese founders, Long Vuong and Nguyen Thanh Sơn, who are headquartered in Hanoi Vietnam. The project team includes project development team and advisory team.

Long Vuong (CEO of TomoChain): Co-founder and head of NEM blockchain project. PhD candidate in economics, Massachusetts, U.S.

Le Ho (Chief Financial Officer): Ms. Le has a CFA degree with over 10 years of experience in investment and finance. Former Deputy Director in charge of Investment and Portfolio Management at BVIM. Former Head of Corporate Finance Advisory Division at HSC Securities.

Nguyen Thanh Sơn (Technical Director): An expert in the field of new technology applications, founder of Blockchain Developer community with more than 800 active members.

Tung Hoang (Project Manager): As a product development director at TomoWallet, as well as an experienced Fullstack and Smart contract developer

Tu Nguyen (Blockchain Lead Engineer): An experienced engineer in Blockchain and Cloud Computing. He is an official programmer of the Apache Software Foundation and Could Native Computing Foundation. As chief engineer of many open-source software projects including kubeless, kubeapps, kompose, kubewatch. He holds a master’s degree in computer science in Switzerland specializing in Distributed Systems.

Dr. Cam Pham (Blockchain Researcher): He is an expert in blockchain consensus and cryptographic algorithms. A former researcher and software engineer in designing complex software systems, he is passionate about understanding distributed systems. He is doctor of Software Engineering, Université Paris-Saclay (France).

In addition, there are typical names of the project such as: Minh Khai, Viet Anh Vu, Tam Nguyen, Dinh Le, Nien Le, Can Dang, Etienne, Alex, Victor, Tho Nguyen.


After Mainnet, TomoChain has focused on developing its ecosystem, including TomoScan, TomoWallet, TomoSwap, Tomo DEX. Along with the expansion of the ecosystem, the demand for buying TOMO Coin will also increase in the future, many dApp projects build on TomoChain and raise capital in TOMO Coin.

TomoChain (TOMO) is a cryptocurrency that promises a promising future and is an investment option for cryptocurrency lovers. TomoChain has many highlights such as high safety, low latency and almost zero fee. TomoChain promises to bring many utilities and high value in the era of revolution 4.0 today.

You can check TOMO price here.

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