What is Tierion (TNT)?

Tierion (TNT) is a universal platform that enables large-scale data verification. Tierion turns blockchain into a global platform for verifying any data, files, or processes. Anyone can use Tierion’s API, called Chainpoint, and other tools, such as Zapier, to permanently store evidence, which records their time and data on the blockchain.

Tierion uses existing Chainpoint technology to create a Google proof tool that the Internet can use for large and small applications.

With this technology, Tierion plans to allow the use of blockchain to verify data, from online purchases to medical records. The goal is to reduce the complexity and cost of trust.

How does Tierion work?

To work, Tierion creates a proof of linking data to a transaction on the blockchain through what it calls anchors. Thanks to this evidence, anyone can verify the timestamp and the integrity of the data without any other trusted authority, like a notary. Tierion provides the ability to anchor to both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain.

Features of Tierion

Tierion allows the creation of validated data on blockchain suitable for a variety of applications. Here are some core features of Chainpoint platform and technology:

Issue digital receipts: Businesses can issue digital receipts to prove any transaction has taken place. This feature can be extended to purchases, stock transactions, insurance claims and anything else.

Audit: Audits are verified by cryptography, tracking the origin of data and processes.

Integrating your software: Integrate your software with existing web, desktop, and mobile applications.

IoT data collection: Save data from various smart devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Each record has Chainpoint evidence.

Record keeping: Keeping financial records, corporate governance, legal records, inventory management and other industries all can benefit from keeping records unchanged.

Secure customer data: Companies can create customer data verification records, reduce KYC costs, and comply.

Hash API: Tierion has a platform called Hash API that allows developers to make 100 records per second for free. It’s a quick and easy way to add blockchain lock times, data security and cryptographic check paths for your applications.

Data collection: Tierion allows you to collect data from web and mobile applications. You only need to create a data warehouse, then send Tierion data via RESTAPI or HTML. Tierion will automatically generate a Chainpoint proof for each record. You can use Chainpoint evidence for each record. It is possible to verify at that time and place a specific transaction occur.

Integration with 500 applications: Tierion integrates with 500 applications and services online via Zapier platform.


Wayne Vaughan – Co-Founder & CEO
Wayne founded a digital agency in the mid-1990s and created one of the first SaaS marketing automation platforms. He brings twenty years of product and software design experience to Tierion. Wayne also serves on the Advisory Board of Blockchain Capital.

Jason Bukowski – Co-Founder, Lead Developer
Jason has over twenty years of experience in highly scalable software development. He built one of the first real-time web analytics systems and spent a decade developing marketing automation software. Jason is the main developer of Chainpoint and a number of popular open-source cryptocurrency libraries.


In summary, Tierion is an established company with many years of history and many of its technologies have been successful. Through its technologies, Tierion allows anchoring data to the blockchain to provide evidence and simplify trust. Tierion Network has worked with major industry names to improve its technology further and expand with Proof of Business and Chainpoint for developers.

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