What is Thundercore (TT)?

Thundercore (TT) was founded in 2017. This is a technology company that specializes in decentralized solutions. Thundercore has its own Blockchain with its own cryptocurrency, developed by leading industry experts and compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with a throughput of more than 1,200 TPS.

It only takes a few seconds to confirm; the low gas cost helps Dapps deploy and expand easily and quickly. It provides high performance and decentralized Protocol solution. Thundercore set out Blockchain to allow investors to build decentralized applications dApps or convert dApps built on Ethereum through their blockchain.

Thunder Token (TT) is the original token of the Thundercore project, based in the United States.

How does ThunderCore work?

The Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, PaLa, is the most efficient, efficient and simplest protocol in the class. It is based on years of groundbreaking research by Professor Shi and Pass, each step of the protocol is fully specified and supported by rigorous mathematical proofs.

The simple, economically encouraged election plan allows open participation, with the number of participants changing and fast fault recovery. Node operators can freely join our network and earn ThunderToken (TT) in exchange for running our network. Incentives and slashing cryptos ensure the economics of good behavior and security of blockchain.

Features of TT

1 sec confirmation.
Seamless user experience.

EVM Compatible
Full compatibility with all Ethereum smart contracts and tools.
Port in seconds.

4,000+ TPS performance on par with VISA.
Low gas fees.

Consensus protocol mathematically proven to be secure and unhackable.


2020 Q1

  • PaLa R1 Mainnet upgrade
  • Cross-chain Defi applications
  • Hardware wallet support improvements

2020 Q2

  • PaLa R2 Testnet upgrade
  • PaLa R2 Mainnet upgrade
  • Thunder Storage Optimization

2020 Q3

  • ThunderCore EVM feature update

2020 Q4

  • Developer tool and library enhancement
  • Proof-of-Stake design release

2021 Q1

  • EVM ugrades including storage fees and EWASM
  • TPS Optimization


Thundercore owns a team of successful entrepreneurs and award-winning scientists and engineers. They are the pioneers in the revolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation, committed to building a strong blockchain.

Chris Vuong (CEO)

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the age of 22, he went on to establish the social gaming company Playdom in 2008. Chris is also an early investor in Alibaba, Glassdoor and FlipKart.

Elaine Shi (Leading scientist)

With a doctorate degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, Shi is an expert in cryptographic protocols and consensus. She wrote the first academic research paper on both Bitcoin and smart decentralized contracts. Shi was also the first to teach smart contract programming. She is also the co-founder and co-director of Cryptocurrency and Contracts (IC3).

Rafeal Pass (Scientist)

Expert in cryptographic protocols, consensus and game theory, Pass received his PhD in computer science from MIT. Pass is now a professor of computer science at Cornell University and Cornell Tech. Previously, Pass worked in finance for JP Mogran and Price Waterhouse Coopers after studying logic and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris. He co-founded the Crypto and IC3 Initiative with Shi. He also co-created ANONIZE with Abhi Shelat.


With a solid prop, Thundercore attracts many investors in this project. This can be a great opportunity and there are many mysteries about this IEO. You must always be proactive and find yourself the direction as well as “heavy weapons” in investing to get success.

You can check TT price here.

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