What is TenX (PAY)?

TenX (PAY) is a COMIT-compatible decentralized electronic wallet, helping users pay globally securely, reduce costs, quickly and easily, such as sending text messages. TenX is one of many other tokens participating in the race to become a crypto debit card. TenX is compatible with any digital asset to connecting all blockchains in a decentralized manner.

Develop TenX to raise funds to integrate COMIT into their services, to fund additional research projects and provide a wallet on webApp, iOS and Android. Cardholders will receive cashback with TenX credit card.

What is TenX technology?

TenX operates based on the COMIT standard protocol and all blockchains will be connected through this protocol to accomplish its goals.

First, TenX developers will work with Ethereum and Bitcoin (along with all other Ethereum tokens that meet the ERC20 condition), Dash and many other cryptocurrencies in the future.

On the user side, TenX provides Decentralized Security Smart contract (DSS). With DSS, users can customize spending limits, withdraw money through Smart Contracts that anyone cannot change.

COMIT network

The COMIT network is a routing protocol that allows payments across blockchains.

It is a payment platform that can provide an effective solution like the internet did with the information. It promises to provide cheap payments to customers from around the world without imposing any restrictions on assets and business processes connected to the blockchain.

TenX network is based on the technology of payment platform COMIT. In conjunction with the COMIT network, the platform aims to provide users with exchange trading funds, exchange services, lending options and security.


Toby Hoenisch – Co-Founder and CEO

He’s a thrill-seeker and passionate learner; Toby started programming at age 10. He studied Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, became a business expert and blockchain. Toby is often invited to speak at global FinTech events and is a regular commentator on blockchain trends and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Paul Kittiwongsunthorn – Co-founder and CDO

Paul has a background in human-computer interaction and is a member of the ME 310 Design & Innovation group at Stanford University that brings innovation to leading companies like NASA, Deutsche bank, etc. He is a frequently invited speaker at global Tech / FinTech events as well as a regular commentator in the media on current blockchain trends and the future of cryptocurrency.

Michael Sperk – Co-founder and technical leader

Michael, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science, helped build the company and product, creating TenX today. He was a Software Engineer at an interactive visual startup when he started helping Toby and Paul with their previous startups in his spare time. This partnership continued when TenX was founded. In 2017, in the first round of Angel investment, he joined TenX full time.


TenX is a payment platform that uses COMIT Network technologies, eliminating most of the fees associated with international bank transfer. TenX provides physical and virtual cards that allow owners to access products and services in real-world stores and facilities.

TenX is a platform operating in the field of payment cards, this is not a new field in traditional, but it is fresh when applying blockchain technology and platform. PAY is a coin listed on many large exchanges, large market capitalization, strong community; this is a worthwhile coin for traders to refer and invest in.

You can check PAY price here.

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