What is Tachyon Protocol (IPX)?

Tachyon Protocol (IPX) is a decentralized internet protocol launched by V SYSTEM and X-VPN. It enhances existing TCP / IP protocols with the help of blockchain technology, distributed technology is launched ( like PPPoIP, DHT and logo).

Tachyon introduced the original token, called IPX, to provide incentives for many participants to contribute to the Tachyon ecosystem’s positive development. And it is to establish fair, transparent and effective trade and award mechanisms.

What is the IPX token?

The Tachyon protocol will introduce the IPX token as the network’s native cryptocurrency. The original supply of IPX tokens is 1,000,000,000 (one billion). As a token stored by the SYSTEM V blockchain, the IPX token serves a clear purpose and utility throughout the Tachyon ecosystem.

What is the IPX token used for?

Users can use DApps in the Tachyon ecosystem to enjoy safer & faster Internet services.
Users holding IPX tokens can enjoy excess revenue in the form of a provider node.
By addressing more business scenarios and involving more nodes, IPX Token will have a wider range of uses.

Features of Tachyon

  • Tachyon Booster UDP – applying techniques from DHT, blockchain, UDP and Real-time optimization routing, it has the ability to accelerate transmission of 200% ~ 1000% and connection success rate over 90% in network environment complexity based on test data.
  • Tachyon security protocol – a security protocol that emulates asymmetric end-to-end encrypted content, providing real-time protection against man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM), as well as other security issues, when both parties conduct end-to-end communication.
  • Tachyon Anti-content analysis – strengthens anti-network monitoring through simultaneous multi-routing and multi-relay forwarding scheme.
  • Tachyon SDK – combined with the blockchain, it can be easily integrated and instantly implemented with all popular programming languages.
  • IPX token – will be introduced in the Tachyon Protocol to encourage more participants to contribute to the positive development of the Tachyon ecosystem. IPX token is located on blockchain V SYSTEM.


Sunny king – Founding member

Sunny King, a legendary blockchain developer, is the inventor of the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and the creator of three cryptocurrency/blockchain projects, including V SYSTEM, Peercoin and Primecoin. Sunny King is a pioneer in blockchain development, advancing consensus mechanism and application in blockchain’s real world. Sunny King’s deep thinking and technical understanding ensure that blockchain V SYSTEM and Tachyon can integrate with each other to create a competitive advantage for Tachyon’s long-term development.

Alex Yang – Founding member

Alex Yang is a FinTech entrepreneur and investor with more than 14 years of banking and finance experience. He founded Fund V, one of the first token funds in Hong Kong. He is also the Director of APAC at Nomura and the Vice President of Biz Trading at UBS. Alex began his career at JumpTrading, Chicago, as a Quantum Strategist. He earned his Ph.D. in 2009 at Northwestern University and his Bachelor of Mathematics at Peking University. Alex has extensive management and network experience in finance and technology. He will help Tachyon manage, collaborate and grow business.

Peerchemist – Founding member

Peerchemist, the Peercoin project leader, is a famous OG cryptocurrency developer with high community credibility and influence on the global developer network. Peerchemist has brought his expertise and resources into token economics, developer relations, as well as a community management to Tachyon.


The project is at an early stage of development and faces fierce competition in the market. Even so, the Tachyon team seems to have enough experience to develop their products and compete in the market. In addition, this project has an important partnership with V Systems and X-VPN can encourage the development of its ecosystem.

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