What is Syscoin (SYS)?

Syscoin (SYS) is a potential revolutionary cryptocurrency, Syscoin allows financial transactions with a low cost like Bitcoin virtual currency. It also provides businesses with the most secure commercial infrastructure for goods, assets, and digital certificates and data.

Syscoin virtual currency is not only money and trading but it also has the ability to attract many types of businesses thanks to the exploitation of features in the financial sector. Syscoin benefits everyone from High Street to eBay merchants.

Syscoin is different from other cryptocurrencies, because the original value of Syscoin comes from the decentralized service provided directly on the Blockchain platform. At the same time, Blockchain is also the development platform of Syscoin. This is a permission system organized by “nodes” on the Syscoin network.

Features of Syscoin

Decentralized marketplace: Syscoin e-wallet comes with a completely decentralized market. It allows buying and reselling other items. It is similar to Ebay or Amazon, ..

Send and receive money with ease: A transfer feature of the Syscoin system to ensure your coins are safely and reliably deposited and received.

Aliases: It takes days to enter a Syscoin wallet address to transact. Aliases allow simplification of the process by allowing users to use a more memorable address, such as the name “JoesAddress”.

Resell other’s products: You can buy any item in the Marketplace Syscoin in your own store, or allow reselling other people’s items.

Encrypted messaging: Send and receive encrypted messages in a simple and secure incoming and outgoing mail service with others in the Syscoin network using Aliases or Syscoin wallet addresses.

No downtime: Unlike P2P enforcement, items on the Syscoin market are always traded online. It doesn’t matter if your wallet is open or closed, items are always available, guaranteed real-time by Syscoin.

Arbitrated escrow: Customers’ money is always guaranteed with this feature to help them feel more secure and trust with the Syscoin escrow service. Buyers may require third parties to secure funds while services and goods are in the process of processing orders.

Digital certificates: Certificates used to store and transfer documents on Blockchain technology with encryption options.


Jag Sidhu – Lead Core Developer & Foundation President

Jag Sidhu is Lead Core Developer and co-founder of Syscoin Platform. Jag is an expert in blockchain technology, also specializing in machine learning, artificial intelligence, client/server development and distributed systems with nearly 20 years of software development experience. Jag holds a bachelor’s degree in Technology, Computer Science, from British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Michiel – Syscoin Foundation Vice President

Michiel has been interested in blockchain space since 2013. Syscoin was one of his first investments and he has been enthusiastic about the project ever since. In 2014, he founded a successful development company through offline marketing and he brought this experience to Syscoin’s Marketing team from the end of 2017.

Reinier – Syscoin Foundation Secretary

Reinier has been working in the ad technology industry for many years and has helped large and medium brands (including blockchain companies) develop their online presence with online display campaigns. Now is the time to let the world know what Syscoin is capable of, and together with SCMT, he will put these best practices in the interest of the project.

Willy Ko – Syscoin Foundation Treasurer

Willy is an experienced software engineer with a history of working in the internet industry. He has skills in C ++, C, JavaScript, Python, Testing and Embedded Systems. Strong professional graduate from the University of British Columbia. He also acts as the Chinese community leader for Syscoin.


Syscoin virtual money project with many advantages is: has a good development team, is a company operating in the field of Blockchain since 2014, so there is quite a lot of experience in the industry, as well as having some products …

Syscoin is a modernized, developed cryptocurrency system where you can freely trade and trust its security. Syscoin is mainly used in commercial trading. Entire stores can be created directly through the marketplace, where you can sell your own or others’ products for a discount.

You can check SYS here.

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