What is SwissBorg (CHSB)?

SwissBorg (CHSB) is a bank that provides financial advice, investment management and other financial services to the cryptocurrency market. SwissBorg’s goal is to be the first crypto asset management platform based on blockchain technology. Their community-focused approach aims to revolutionize investing in cryptocurrencies.

How does SwissBorg work?

SwissBorg ecosystem

The asset management platform includes a set of features that decentralize the community:

  • SwissBorg expects this project to be regulated in many countries.
  • SwissBorg will provide B2B and B2C encrypted asset management products and services.
  • By positioning itself as a bridge between the two “off-chain” and “on-chain” worlds, SwissBorg’s main goal is to provide investment solutions that suit both. They have strategic partners and advisors actively involved in investment management that are helping us develop our network and be more efficient.

What is CHSB token?

CHSB token is a multi-utility token used to participate in the SwissBorg network. Here are its core benefits:

All CHSB token holders will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the SwissBorg network through the concept of “proof of merit”. The SwissBorg community will be rewarded by voting for projects that promise to bring real value to the SwissBorg platform.

What are the benefits of the CHSB project?

  • Manage crypto assets in the best way
  • The investment platform is backed by future smart contracts
  • SwissBorg is at the beginning of a new era, DAO is growing at an exponential rate
  • SwissBorg is the best bridge between the two worlds: asset management services and blockchain technology


Comprised of individuals from more than 20 different countries, the team is shaped by many different cultures. SwissBorg listens to their community and cooperates like a family. Capturing the difference makes them a better company. SwissBorg wants to look and act like the future they are hoping to build.

  • Cyrus Fazel is the founder and CEO of SwissBorg, a unique cryptocurrency asset management ecosystem. He is a multicultural fintech expert with over a decade of experience in asset management and algorithm trading. He applied his analytical skills to building his blockchain-based platform, successfully raising CHF 50 million in its final ICO.
  • Anthony Lesoismier: Founder, CSO
  • Nicolas Remond: Chief Technology Officer
  • Jeremy Baumann: Chief Financial Officer


SwissBorg is also a meritocracy, meaning that each member of the community will be able to contribute to this platform community. Members will be rewarded for their contributions, so their hard work is not wasted. The team behind SwissBorg feels that each individual is unique. That is why the project will provide tailor-made services to suit the specific needs of each person. The project also uses a combination of AI optimization, intelligence and automation to improve strategy and governance.

You can check CHSB price here.

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