What is Swipe (SXP)?

Swipe (SXP) is a token designed according to the ERC20 standard of the Ethereum Blockchain platform. SXP tokens belong to the Utility token category with the purpose of being the main cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, providing services distributed by Swipe.

The SXP tokens are created with a deflationary financial supply as all transaction fees include the use of SXPs via wallets, Smart Contracts supported by the independent Oracle Swipe.


The SXP token development team is composed of developers from various industries and has experience in blockchain technology development. Some common names can be mentioned as follows:

Joselito Lizarondo – CEO: The founder & CEO of Swipe has many years of experience with startups. Joselito is responsible for Swipe’s implementation and vision to allow millions of users around the world to have access to cryptocurrencies tied to financial services.

Genji Sakamoto – CTO. Genji has over 20 years of software development and management and is responsible for managing and setting up the Swipe development team to put applications into production and ensure quality for users around the world. Previous experience includes Senior Systems Developer at Miracle Technologies Inc., Mobile Developer and Blockchain Developer at Mascom Inc. He is currently Blockchain Director at No Rest Labs (creating a blockchain solution for startups and businesses).

Zilong Sun – Head of Mobile. Zilong has more than 12 years of experience in mobile development, namely native iOS and Android applications. Sun is responsible for managing the mobile team to develop Swipe Wallets connected to Swipe Cards on iOS and Android and to build future features and functions.

Chunzuo Wang – Blockchain Director. Chunzuo has more than 9 years of full high-level development experience, bringing high skills to blockchain applications. Chunzuo is responsible for developing Oracle Swipe and its backend connected systems to ensure all of Swipe’s services and features are aligned with its mission and vision.

Bing Liu – Blockchain Director. Bing is said to have more than 10 years of full senior development experience and is responsible for developing Oracle Swipe.

Features of Swipe (SXP) token

SXP tokens have the following features:
Discounts up to 75% on fees
Rewards up to 1% on existing card reward percentages
Used as gas for network fees for all transactions
Can be spent via Swipe Card to gather at millions of merchants worldwide
Provides deflationary currency because 80% of transaction fees are automatically destroyed by the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain
Swipe Slate Metal Debit Card is required
Redeemed into digital gift card payments


The SXP token was born as a utility token with the purpose of gas or reducing costs. Demand for tokens of the market is real soon. However, not only SXP tokens have this goal, but many other projects have the same ambition.

You can check SXP price here.

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