What is Super Zero Protocol (SERO)?

Super Zero Protocol (SERO) is the world’s first secure blockchain system that supports Turing’s complete smart contracts. Since it supports smart contracts, it is definitely not a simple smart contract + anonymous coin. SERO deeply integrates the advantages of both: the openness of smart contracts and the closeness of the privacy system. With the support of two features, the SERO smart contract has very interesting features that can do some great things.

SERO is a Blockchain platform capable of carrying out confidential transactions using Zero-knowledge proof and supporting Smart Contract. SERO developed Super-ZK, a new type of Zero-knowledge proof that is 20 times faster than zk-SNARK.

SERO Coin is the electronic currency of Blockchain Super Zero Protocol platform, which was released to the market in June 2019.

What is SERO used for?

Like ETH in Ethereum, SERO has a number of uses:

Gas Fees

SERO is used to pay transaction fees in SERO-Chain.


SERO is a reward for SERO miners digging through PoW or PoS. It aims to confirm transactions as well as increase the security of SERO’s Blockchain network.


SERO is used to pay depending on the purpose of the user in the SERO ecosystem.

Features of SERO

NIZK algorithm improvement
Technical improvements of the NIZK algorithm based on the content of publications Ben-Sassoon, Eli et al., issued in 2014 (Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture). Advanced algorithms continue to optimize the encryption process.

Encryption process optimization
To improve Zcash’s encryption performance – transactions usually take 1 to 2 minutes to complete, SERO CHAIN redefines the entire encryption process. Performance increases 20 times faster than Zcash.

Clear and easy expandable structure
SERO has rebuilt the storage structure of Ethereum. The SERO structure uses UTXO + Account Mixed Mode. Designed to enable security and privacy features for tokens published on SERO CHAIN. The resulting design provides greater scalability for the entire blockchain structure.

Support of Turing complete smart contracts
Through Zero-knowledge proofs and homogeneous coding protocols, smart contracts on the SERO can support different modes of the Turing complete operating model. DApp developers can issue private digital assets that can be tokens or tickets that can store complex data structures.

Smart contract can support multiple tokens
SERO CHAIN is the only blockchain in the world that supports the exchange of many digital assets released in SERO CHAIN running in a smart contract. Our smart contracts can perform decentralized transactions of various digital assets.

Support selective privacy audit
Users may need a trusted third party to conduct financial audits of transactions, for complex business applications. Users of the SERO ecosystem, can pick and choose whether to allow third parties to track specific information from related transactions and facilitate auditing.


SERO is pre-ming for 100 million SERO coins and these coins are sold to both private and public investors. SERO describes itself as a privacy protection platform for Decentralized Applications. It aims to be a next-generation security blockchain that supports smart contracts and allows the release of private money and anonymous assets. The SERO platform is said to allow developers to release privacy money and use them in DApps. SERO also claims to be the first privacy protocol that supports smart contracts using Zero-knowledge proofs.

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