What is SUKU?

SUKU, a blockchain-based ecosystem that aims to make supply chains more transparent, efficient, and accessible by providing supply chain platforms as a service to businesses and consumers. With the intention of strengthening the supply chain across industries, the SUKU platform uses an open, on-demand software delivery model that includes applications and services used by SUKU Trading Partners and built-in with SUKU Technology Partner.

SUKU ecosystem

SUKU ecosystem includes the following components:

SUKU Platform: Capabilities, services, and features that enable Trading Partners to transact with each other and use applications built by the Technology Partner

SUKU Token: ERC20-compatible token used by Trading Partners and Technology Partners in SUKU Ecosystem.

Trading Partners: SUKU Platform users interact and transact on the platform as supply chain participants.

Technology partners: Organizations or individual developers that create applications or provide services on the SUKU Core Layer to users, such as a Trade Partner.

What is the SUKU token?

SUKU ecosystem uses an ERC20-compatible token called SUKU Token. Both the Trading Partner and the Tech Partner use the token in the SUKU ecosystem. The SUKU token has the following uses of the platform:

Administration: SUKU token allows voting rights. For example, one of the voting opportunities might be to vote on SUKU Core Class improvement proposals.

Transaction Fees: For specific transactions for which SUKU Core Layer is used, a fee collected will be divided between operators’ SUKU Core Token Reserve and SUKU Node. In addition, the Technology Partner may also design applications or services that earn SUKU tokens.

Reward / Promotion: SUKU tokens reward platform users. For example, after joining the SUKU Platform, users receive a SUKU Token reward for creating their wallet with SUKU Tokens to interact on the SUKU Platform.

Use cases of SUKU

  • Meat product transparency with a $ 14 billion revenue company, Cencosud.

We have partnered with Cencosud, the third-largest retailer listed in Latin America with more than 1100 stores, 130,000 employees, and annual sales of $ 14 billion in 2018.

  • Provide unique, interactive product experiences.

SUKU scanners allow brands to present users with a unique product experience that drives 3D and augmented reality. While shopping, users tap on a smart tag attached to SUKU-enabled products, automatically redirecting them to a product experience website.

  • Breeding truth PAWered by blockchain.

We partner with Pukka, an app-based company that helps breeders create more accurate and transparent buying experiences for consumers while eliminating fraudulent information in the breeding community.

  • Smarter testing, better decisions, safer world

The SUKU COVID solution allows organizations to provide secure, authentic, immutable, secure, and real-time data sources from test results. It helps authenticate real kits and grants immunity certification that allows individuals to get back to work.

  • Re-inventing authentic luxury goods on the secondary market

SUKU scanners give secondary markets like eBay, StockX, Goat, and StadiumGoods the opportunity to generate more revenue streams, increase consumer reach and engagement, and increase product supply.


Yonathan Lapchik, CEO

Yonathan is a blockchain specialist with a solid business and technology background. He has over 12 years of experience helping Fortune 500 clients with digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions, technology strategy, and product deployment while working for TATA Consultancy Services and Deloitte. Yonathan holds an MBA from Duke University, Fuqua Business School (Strategic Concentration), and a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from ORT Uruguay University.

Addison McKenzie, President & Co-Founder

Addison is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in founding and developing businesses across diverse industries. While studying for a degree in mechanical engineering in Vermont, he started a family-building company that has grown significantly in such a short period. Addison then founded a software company whose team built SaaS products for sales and marketing organizations. These back-office solutions have been transformative for the organizations in which they are deployed, leading to an increase in revenue of tens of millions of dollars. Addison created the foundational concept behind SUKU.

Shannon Coble, Chief of Staff & Co-Founder

Shannon has more than 12 years of experience in business strategy development, business process improvement, supply chain management, and analysis. After six years serving in the United States Air Force, she worked in the Strategy & Operations Division at Deloitte Consulting, where she advised federal clients on operational improvements and shaped business process strategy. Shannon also works in the financial sector at Wells Fargo Advisors, where she focuses on building senior relationships with business partners.


SUKU is a blockchain-based solution that bridges the gap between the brand-conscious consumer and the brand by providing a means of verifying the history and authenticity of the product. SUKU does this by providing consumers with access to transparent, verified products, and providing companies with the ability to connect with these types of consumers. SUKU Token promotes and encourages certain behaviors to create a common good for all participants in the SUKU Ecosystem. These forms of utility include consumer participation, platform growth/governance, node operations, and transaction fees.

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